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Sorido Bay Resort Papua Diving


An upscale resort central to the best diving in the Raja Ampat.

Sorido Bay resort is for the discerning traveler. It is not just another dive-resort. Here you will meet people with a passion for Raja Ampat and a passion for sharing it with the most important person of all, you, our guest.
Sorido Bay Resort offer two kinds of oceanfront villas which are both very spacious and luxurious (“Sentani” 65m2 and “Kaimana” 90 m2)

7 villas (for max. 14 guests) have been built in 2004 combining modern and traditional Papuan building styles and materials. They are nestled in the lush green jungle on a beautiful Cape overlooking a deep kidney-shaped lagoon, meters away from the world’s most famous dive-site Cape Kri where Dr. Gerry Allen recorded 283 different species of fish in one dive.

Each villa offers:

  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Spacious private bathrooms with hot water
  • Hairdryer
  • Spring mattress beds (either double 180 x 200 or single 100 x 200)
  • Satellite television
  • Mini-bar fridge
  • Camera workstation with 220V and 110V power outlets
  • Private porch
  • Free WI-FI (around main building area)
  • Free Laundry service

All interiors are decorated in Papuan style using museum quality artifacts.

The heart of our operation is the dining area and kitchen located in the 2 main buildings. Clean drinking water, coffee & tea are provided free of charge. 3 times a day delicious meals are prepared in the open kitchen and are served on the communal table. A variety of vegetable and fruit will please vegetarians guests. For an extra charge you can enjoy a cool beer, soft drinks or fresh fruit juices while enjoying the splendid views. You may also bring back home some authentic Papuan treasures or see a WWII paraphernalia collection from the founder to be found in gift shop.

The resort has 24h energy supply from 2 generator units, cellphones reception and Free WI-FI internet access.

The heart of our operation is the main building where all‐day coffee, tea & snacks are provided. Here you can wind down in the lounge area, reading one of our books found in our library and enjoy a cool sea breeze flowing through and great panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Delicious Asian meals are prepared in our modern kitchen and meals are served buffet-style.

For breakfast
Sorido Bay Resort typically serve fresh fruit, homemade bread, cereals, pancakes, eggs, yoghurts, fresh fruit juice, eggs, coffee and tea. Dinner & Lunch are served as a buffet as well. A typical menu includes Indonesian classics & delicious deserts. Sorido Bay Resort do not serve pork products and only locally sourced, sustainable fish. You will not find any reef fish, long-lined fish or prawns being served. A variety of vegetable and fruit will please our vegetarian guests.

Clean drinking water, coffee & tea are provided all day.
For an extra charge you can enjoy a cool beer, wine*, soft drinks and fresh fruit juices.

Some authentic Papuan treasures and the WWII paraphernalia collection from the founder are to be found in our gift shop.

*subject to availability

NOTE : Credit cards are accepted (master/visa).


  • 3 copies of Passport plus 3X passport photos p/p.
    To hand in at the resort, used to arrange registration and a Surat Jalan (travel permit for West Papua area) free of charge on your behalf.
  • IDR 500 000 in Rupiah cash for Marine Park Tag.
    To hand in at the resort and arranged for you.
  • Toiletries, insect repellent & medications
    Eg: Broad spectrum antibiotics, painkillers, anti-diarrheals, laxatives, antihistamine, decongestant, anti-biotic ointment, rehydrate sachets, hydro-cortizone cream, cold & flu meds, swimmer’s ear, anti-biotic ear/eye drops)
  • Sunscreen & hat, light waterproof wind-breaker for occasional rain showers. Sorido Bay Resort do also provide umbrellas.
  • Sturdy walking shoes/sandals.
    If you plan a visit to the bird of paradise or walks through the jungle
  • A bottle of your favorite tipple/cigarettes from Duty Free
    Sorido Bay Resort do have limit stock of wine available and do not sell cigarettes. Wine and spirits are very difficult to obtain in Indonesia, not to mention expensive. Please also check latest allowance regulations
  • Camera, binoculars/headlamp
    For the terrific memories of the Raja Ampat scenery & wildlife
  • Extra Cash
    Sorido Bay Resort do accept visa/MasterCard payments at Sorido Bay Resort. However extra charges can also be paid in Euro, IDR, Dollar Important note: USD cash notes must be in pristine condition, un-torn, unmarked and printed after 2006, or they may not be accepted in Indonesia.


Discover Raja Ampat’s Beauty

Raja Ampat’s pristine beauty, both above and below the water, is truly unrivalled

When is the best time to visit?

Diving in Raja Ampat is not particularly seasonal.

How are the weather conditions?
The Raja Ampat area does not have a real rainy season, but sometimes we do have heavy rain. However, rarely will it rain the whole day. The sea is usually flat all year round. The average temperature at sea level is about 31°Celsius or 80 °Fahrenheit during the day time and 24°C or 76°F during the night.

What is the time zone?
Indonesia has three Time Zones :
Western Indonesia : GMT +7 (Jakarta)
Central Indonesia :   GMT +8 (Manado/Makassar)
Eastern Indonesia :  GMT +9 (Raja Ampat)

Can I pay with credit cards?
Credit Card payments (Visa/Mastercard) can be processed at the resorts and our office in Sorong.
Sorido Bay Resort also accept cash in US$ (only 100 USD notes issued in 2006 or after) Euro and IDR Rupiah.

Papua Diving offers custom diving with maximum 6 divers per boat.

Papua Diving offers custom diving with maximum 6 divers per boat with at least 2 dive guides. The dive itinerary is weather dependent and tailored to the guest’s wishes. Sorido Bay Resort offer unlimited diving with accommodation packages and dive packages only of 5, 10 and 15 dives. Three guided boats dives per day plus an optional night/dusk dive.

Sorido Bay Resort Papua Diving use 121 aluminums tanks, with yoke valves. Nitrox tanks can be used with DIN regulators, using an adapter. However adapters are limited, so please bring your own if needed.

The dives included in the unlimited package are for dive sites within a 10 km radius of the resort. Outside of this zone, fuel surcharges apply, ranging from 25 € p/p to 60 € p/p for further away excursions/dive trips such as Fam Islands and the Passage.

The Boat rides to the dive sites will take between approx. 5-15 minutes. After diving the Boat Crew will serve you drinking water. A little Snack will be offered on half day trips or lunch on full day trips.

Oxygen, Emergency Box, Tools and a Radio are standards on our boats.
It is our custom to return to the resort between the dives. When half/full day trips are planned
Sorido Bay Resort have picnics on an island.

Tank Type 12 Liter, Aluminium
Valve Type Yoke (INT)
Adapter Please Bring One
Reef Hook Please Bring One
No Glove Policy Leave Back Them Home
Water Temperature Average 28° Celcius

Although the manta trip is outside of the 10 km range, your first trip to the Mantas will be free of charge.

All divers and non divers visiting Raja Ampat will also need to pay an annual entrance fee for the Marine Park of Rp. 500.000,- per person (Rp. 250.000,- for Indonesians). Upon arrival Sorido Bay Resort collect payments and hand out marine tags.

Rp. 350.000,- goes towards Conservation International for conservation purposes and the remaining Rp. 150.000,- goes to local government.


Saturdays are for relaxing and de-gasing. Guests are invited to explore the island, snorkel, kayak or just relax.

Please note that Sorido Bay Resort have a no boat diving policy on Saturday as this is the day of rest for all staff. Diving is not offered between 6pm Friday and 6pm on Saturday but night diving is possible at 7pm on Saturday.

During the day you and your buddy are invited to dive off our jetty. Tanks Sorido Bay Resort will provide for you. On Saturday Sorido Bay Resort offer a trip to see the Red Bird of Paradise on neighboring Gam Island. The boat trip is free but Sorido Bay Resort kindly ask you to pay Rp. 100.000,- each for the conservation of the birds and the village.

NOTE : Don’t forget to bring along your binoculars, insect repellent and good walking shoes!

Diving Conditions In The Dampier Strait

Diving conditions in the Dampier Strait are good all year round. The Dampier Strait conveys massive amounts of water, forcing currents to flow parallel to the equator.

Current are a constant component and must be considered when planning the dives. Therefore Sorido Bay Resort try to time and choose the sites with the best possible current. However if there is no current, there is likely to be less action.

Water temperature is a constant 28° or 29° Celsius and visibility ranges between 15-30 meters. Prime season is October to April during northwest monsoon.

In certain month some resorts will close due to rougher conditions. Because of our protected location Sorido Bay Resort can operate all year around.


Just some finkicks off the shore you can discover the beauty of our reefs

There’s plenty of fantastic snorkeling around. Just off our Jetty you can see Blue spotted Stingrays, Turtles, Crocodile Fish, Stone Fish, Batfish, huge school of Jackfish and sometimes even a school of Bumphead Parrot Fish.

Around 5 pm our resident Mandarin Fish might perform a special mating show for you. Or how about a night snorkel - after dinner - almost always you will meet the endemic Papuan Bamboo Shark (Epaulette Shark).

Sorido Bay Resort do offer snorkeling packages so if you like you can also join on the dive boat to snorkel other places nearby.


  • Dive certification card
    Mandatory for all certified divers.
  • BCD, regulator, wetsuit, torch, computer
    Our rental stock is limited. Please inform us in advance if you wish to rent equipment.
    Sorido Bay Resort cannot guarantee availability.
  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties
    For your own comfort
    Sorido Bay Resort highly recommend to bring your own.
  • Proof of diving insurance or other insurance which covers emergency evacuation
    If you are as a diver not a member yet,
    Sorido Bay Resort highly recommend to become a DAN Member.
  • Spare items for dive equipment
    Please have your equipment serviced before your arrival.
    Sorido Bay Resort do have limited access to spare parts. But it is always good to carry some mask/fin straps, batteries for cameras & computers
  • Spare items for imaging devices
    Like batteries, chargers, o-rings, memory cards, …


Fun and exciting trips

Raja Ampat is known for it’s diving but also for it’s stunning landscapes.

Some of you might know about the endemic bird of paradise (the red bird of paradise and the Wilson bird of paradise) apart from this bird there is a very high number or birds to be seen and photographed. Raja Ampat also has very good hiking areas, which look totally fabulous from the air, and Sorido Bay Resort have explored areas that no foreigner (and possible even Papua) has ever walked. It would be our pleasure to assist you with advice and logistics to do some exploring on your own.


Be amongst the first to experience Raja Ampat’s unique natural wonders by sea kayak

Our home stay to home stay program will enable you to focus on the kayaking knowing you will have a dry place to sleep and a kitchen to cook your meals in after an exciting day of paddling.

The choices of routes and destinations points are endless, for the experienced die-hard paddler, or the more leisurely paddle for groups or families.


Though the original idea with Kayak4Conservation was to cater to the more adventurous kayaking trips, during which experienced kayakers are self reliant and independent, upon request, Sorido Bay Resort now also provide kayaking guides and support boats for individuals or groups with less experience. Your support team not only offers you logistical guidance but if requested, can also prepare meals for you at the home stay locations or a chosen campsite.

GPS coordinates and maps along with rental equipment such as dry bags, first aid kits, life vests, etc. are available upon request. For any inquiries and personal assistance in organizing your trip please contact Max Ammer and Kayak4conservation.


Scheduled Expeditions

Each year Sorido Bay Resort assist scientist and documentary makers + schedule several exploratory trips. For such trips participation is limited. For inquiries please forward your request by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For 2010 the following trips are scheduled.


  • WWII aircraft wreck exploration trip (land & lake trip).
  • Exploration trip to the interior of the Birds Head.
  • Documentary trip (space available) focusing on Birds Head interior.
  • Expedition to the inland forests of the Arguni area (by live aboard and with the support of the experimental floatplane).
  • Leatherback photo trip (by live aboard).
  • Asmat art collection trip (by live aboard).
  • Our Triton and beyond are also partly exploratory (by live aboard).

Sorido Bay Resort also have scheduled trips escorted by professional photographers. Please see our News page for the scheduled special photo trips. If you are interested to join a special trip or would like to schedule a special trip, please mail us.


Guidance at your fingertips. Private, Science and Film makers

Since 10+ years
Sorido Bay Resort assist Yacht owners to make the exploration/dive trips of a live time. Our many years op doing exploration trips, assisting scientist and documentary makers give us knowledge of this area second to no one. This enables us to assist yacht owners with tailor made itineraries for their ship and assist with other advice for a successful cruise to this part of the world. As with the diving, Sorido Bay Resort have guided the best and rely on +20 years of experience.


Because there is more to explore!

Besides adventurous trips in the Raja Ampat area, Sorido Bay Resort also have the experience in assisting expeditions and executing interior trips.


Sorido Bay Resort count more than 30 sites in the area.

Here is just a selection of some of our favorites


One of the favorite dives, Cape Kri is Sordio Bay’s house reef and less than 5 minutes by boat from Kri Eco Resort. This is the dive site that put Raja Ampat on the map when Dr Gerry Allen smashed his record for total number of fish species on a single tank dive: 284.

Cape Kri slopes down to 40 meters. Down on the bommie covered sand White Tip Reef sharks can be found having a sleep. Our resident shoal of sweet lips, hundreds strong can be found hovering over a bommie. Very large Groupers can be found here also 1 meter plus Malabar Groupers and 2 meter plus Queensland Groupers. The open water is packed full of schooling fish. Big eye trevally, Giant Trevally’s, Red Snapper, Blubberlip Snappers, large schools of Barracuda and if the currents running hunting Black Tip and Grey Reef Sharks. Hippocampus Bargibanti can be found here and a multitude of macro subjects from Nudibranchs to Pygmy cuttlefish.

The coral garden on top is 100% hard coral which is bursting with colourful reef fish. Wobbegong sharks can be found waiting in ambush for their next meal. A great site for wideangle shots.

At the corner of this reef at approximately 20m is the place to hang and see the schools sweep by. The current here can be extremely strong and often different kinds of sharks cruise by. Experienced divers can let the current sweep them over the reef into around the corner where it turns into a “Washing machine” pulling divers down to near the bottom at 100ft.

Sardines Reef

10 mins from Kri. A submerged reef with reef top at 5 metres. The reef slopes down to 20 metres. This reef contains a very high biomass, one of the highest in raja ampat.

The open water is packed full of huge schools of Bannerfish, Rainbow Runners,Oceanic Triggerfish, and different species of Fussiler, Unicorn fish, Snapper and Surgeonfish. These massive schools are constantley in motion avoiding predators like Spanish Mackeral, Dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally and Grey Reef Shark. The reef is covered in beautful coral heads festooned with large sea fans and sponge colonies packed full of colourful reef fish. Patrolling the reef are White Tip Reef sharks and Black Tip reef sharks and several large grouper and Napolean wrasse can be found here. Some very interesting small critters can also be found here- Moyers Dragonet, Soft coral crab, Short pouch pygmy pipehorse and the Imperial shrimp clinging to the underside of large sea cucumbers. The end of the dive is spent drifting over the reef top looking for the resident school of Bumphead Parrotfish with around 40 individuals.

Another great site for wideangle shots.

Melissas Garden

Named after Max Ammer’s daughter Melisa’s Garden can be found in the Fam Group, around 1hr 15 mins from Kri. A trip to the Fam Islands is one of Papua Divings excursions.

Melissa’s Garden has a very large reef top that lies around 5-7 metres down, it slopes down to 20 metres. If the current is running hunting Trevally can be found in large numbers, but the really amazing thing about Melissa’s Garden is the coral and the macro life. The coral here and around all of Fam is really astonoshing. This single reef must contain nearly all of Raja Ampats 575 hard coral species. Wobbegongs and sea snakes are common here and if your lucky the highly venumous Blue Ring Octopus can be spotted by our ‘eagle eyed’ dive guides.

Mios Kon

Mios Kon is very popular with our guests. It’s a beautiful relaxing dive found 20 minutes from Kri. The slope goes down to 18 metres and many large coral heads are found all along the slope. This dive site is famous for schooling Blue Lined Snappers, many Wobbegong Sharks and the biggest most beautiful purple Giant Clam you are likely to ever see.

There is also a huge amount of critters living in the sand and coral here. Ribbon eels, Hippocampus Pontohi, Spider crabs, Reef octopus, Spearing mantis shrimp and many other commensal shrimps and crabs. Black tips sharks can sometimes be seen patrolling the reef.

Mikes Point

A small rock island off the coast of Gam, about 10 min. from our resort. During WWII this island was mistakenly bombed. It was thought to be a Japanese ship as it is nearly the correct size, about 30 m in diameter. The swift currents rushing past the island appeared to be the wake of a boat. The site is one of Max Ammer’s favorite and is named for his son, Mike.

This small rocky outcrop has everything, an amazing coral garden on the reef flatwall, underhangs, slopes and tonnes of life. The wall is covered in many many different species of soft coral and sea fans. A great place to find unusual Nudibranchs. If the current is running many schooling fish can be found at the begining of the wall, Sweetlips, Red Snapper and Barracuda with the occasion Black or White Tip. Large Napolean wrasse can be seen swimming along the wall too. Mikes Point is full of many different species of Pipefish from Reef top, Banded, Blue Striped and the Ornate Ghost Pipefish.
Sorido Bay Resort usually see some very large Scorpionfish here and sometimes the highly camouflaged and venemous Stonefish.

Blue Magic

Blue Magic is just south of Mios Kon and is around 20 mins by boat from Kri.

This small pinnacle has a reef top of 10 metres with a slope to 25 metres. This beautiful reef has everything from 2 metres plus Tawney Nurse Sharks to tiny 2cm Hippocampus Denise pygmy seahorses. The reef top is covered is hard coral with some big coral heads and some tabling Acropora corals well over 3 metres across.
Sorido Bay Resort can usually find one or 2 Wobbegong sharks here and often a sleeping Raja Ampat Epaulette shark (The Walking Shark). There is a resident school of Big eye trevally and many large Barracuda. Green Turtles can be found here as well as Black Tips,White Tips and the occasional Grey Reef Sharks. The magnificent dive ends with a blue water safety stop drifting over and away from the reef.


Book Project

Sorido Bay Resort believe that one of the most effective ways to protect an area is to expose that area in such a way that the world will know about it and why Sorido Bay Resort need to protect it!

The way
Sorido Bay Resort approached the creation of this book, was to invite some of the many professional photographers Sorido Bay Resort have had the pleasure in guiding. Sorido Bay Resort offered them as individual or photographic team each a chapter in this book. Each photographer Sorido Bay Resort approached immediately supported our project and supplied their pictures and text without receiving any compensation other than that the Raja Ampat is worth protecting! This to show the Raja Ampat through their eyes/lens.

The result is a hard cover book with 288 pages of spectacular imagery, depicting the Realm of the Four Kings in spectacular color, both above and below the water.

This book is illustrated with a collection of the very best photographs taken by some of the world’s top photographers depicting the Realm of the Four Kings in spectacular color, both above and below the water. Chapter contributions include written impressions as well as large color galleries by photographers such as Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock, Claudia Pellarini-Joubert & Leon Joubert, David Doubilet & Jennifer Hayes, Denise & Larry Tackett, Dos Winkel, Gerry Allen, Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock, Mark Strickland, Paul Munzinger, Roger Steene, Takako Uno & Stephen Wong, Tim Laman and Thomas Haider.

Introductory chapters are by Mark Erdmann (Conservation International), pioneer Max Ammer (Papua Diving & RARCC – The Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center) and scientist Gerry Allen and demonstrate, stimulate and motivate a steadfast commitment to protect the world’s most diverse seascape.

A spectacle of underwater, topside and aerial photographs awaits. Take a color saturated journey through the pages of this book, and experience the Raja Ampat through the lenses of these 17 top photographers.


An initiative by Papua Diving

The name RARCC stands for The Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center. Our organization has been taking the initiative introducing conservation and community related projects in the Raja Ampat since 1993. This was many years before anyone else made that effort!

Partly because of this you will find the reefs surrounding our centre having more reef fish than anywhere else in the Raja Ampat. Our long time visitors tell us there are now more sharks on the reefs surrounding the resort & centre than they have ever witnessed before. It is great to see how conservation efforts can be successful!

Since Sorido Bay Resort have established RARCC Sorido Bay Resort have formed close working relationships with Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, WWF and some of the local NGO’s. Sorido Bay Resort take initiative in conservation and strive to create alternatives among others in the form of sustainable marine tourism industry initiatives.

Having indigenous communities participate in tourism projects Sorido Bay Resort see as the key solution to conserve the Raja Ampat. Only when the local people can directly benefit from this industry will they have a reason to protect their surroundings. Another reason Sorido Bay Resort can achieve more is because Sorido Bay Resort work as much as possible with local indigenous communities in everything Sorido Bay Resort do.

Sorido Bay Resort do not work by telling the local Papuan people what not to do, however by offering better alternatives. Being the pioneer who have been actively diving the Raja Ampat for over 20 years, Sorido Bay Resort hired local people from day one. The reason to set up a business in the Raja Ampat was not just to establish a diving resort but Sorido Bay Resort wanted to create a way where the local people received the opportunities to grow and develop themselves.

Sorido Bay Resort created an alternative for destructive livelihood gathering. Several of our staff as been before working as parts of our team been involved in illegal logging, blast fishing, shark finning and turtle poaching before they were offered and position in our team. Their experience helps us understand and counter these problems.

Sorido Bay Resort welcome the opportunity to work on this with likeminded persons and organizations. Sorido Bay Resort offer a well established base to conduct environmental research, do conservation work, do community development projects and work on conservation efforts.

The RARCC is situated in the heart of the Raja Ampat adjunct to the Sorido Bay Resort. Due to this location Sorido Bay Resort are very accessible. Sorido Bay Resort believe Sorido Bay Resort are blessed to be able to work in this location and see ourselves as stewards of God’s creation.

Due to our 20+ years of exploring the Raja Ampat and beyond Sorido Bay Resort are an ideal partner to work with.


Experience the vast landscapes

The ideal tool for aerial photo/video work and exploring this amazing area from the air. Due to the push propeller there is neither propeller in front of the flyers nor any exhaust fume so vision is unobstructed. The unit can be flown from both positions so the photographer can have the front position.

The Super Drifter is a project between RARCC, CI and TNC and not as that part of Papua Diving.


  • Rotax 912 ULS 100 Hp engine.
  • Useful load is 229 kg (two persons, fuel and gear).
  • Fuel capacity 37,8 liters.
  • Fuel consumption 19,8 liters per hour at 5000 RPM (75% power) = 120 km/hour airspeed.
  • Stall speed is around 38 mph = 61 km/hour.
  • Cruising speed is around 65 – 75 mph = 104 – 120 km/hour (air speed, not ground speed). Against the wind we fly slower, along with the wind faster.
  • One liter of petrol weights 0.72 kg. With full tanks (27 kg) the useful load left is thus 202 kg.

The unit can fly a distance of about 240 – 250 km with one tank. Sorido Bay Resort could carry extra fuel canisters tied op on the floats so can extend our radius by another 240 – 250 km, however to re-fuel Sorido Bay Resort would need to land and move the fuel from the spare canisters into the aircraft fuel tanks. Having more fuel on board lowers the weight Sorido Bay Resort have available for the second person as you can see from the data posted above.

Max Ammer, the pilot, has taken safety margins in consideration so the actual maximal flying distance for the “Drifter” is 240 – 250 km or 2 hours of operation. Sorido Bay Resort often spot marine animals like Dugongs, Dolphins, Sharks and Manta Rays. Also Whales and even Orca’s are spotted.


  • Passport valid for minimum 6 months from date of entry into Indonesia.
    A 30 day tourist visa. V.O.A. facility (Visa on arrival) is available for nationals of 63 countries, please check your country, the cost is USD 25 cash or IDR cash equivalent. The visa is extendable with another 30 days to be applied at immigration offices in Indonesia.
  • Valid departure ticket from Indonesia within 30 days of arrival.
    Immigration officials are entitled to ask.
  • Approx. IDR 100 000 in cash for domestic departure airport tax.
    Approx. IDR 200 000 in cash for international departure airport taxes.
  • Extra IDR cash for excess baggage charges:
    Rates in Indonesia are subject to fluctuation without notice, depending on the airline/route/aircraft type, rate is typically between IDR 30 000 and IDR 50 000 per kilo. Stipulated allowance is typically between 10-20 kg p/p. It is always worth mentioning that you are carrying diving equipment, occasionally the fee becomes negotiable. Check latest regulations.

RATES AND BOOKING 2016 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Number of Nights
Sentani Bungalow
Kaimana Bungalow
7 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 2050
€ 2180
10 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 2800
€ 2940
14 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 3807
€ 4049
17 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 4504
€ 4709
21 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 5564
€ 5918
7 Nights (Single room) € 2750
€ 3020
10 Nights (Single room) € 3800
€ 4140
14 Nights (Single room) € 5207
€ 5729
17 Nights (Single room) € 6204 € 6830
21 Nights (Single room) € 7664
€ 8438
Number of Nights Kaimana + 1 extra bed
Kaimana + 2 extra bed
7 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.)
€ 1950
€ 1880
10 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 2700
€ 2640
14 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 3580
€ 3480
17 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 4120
€ 4020
21 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 4830
€ 4730
7 Nights (Double room (p.p.)
€ 2880 € 2980
10 Nights (Double room (p.p.)
€ 3950 € 4080
14 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 5349
€ 5534
17 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 6329 € 6547
21 Nights (Double room (p.p.) € 7818
€ 8088
7 Nights (Single room)
€ 3580 € 3820
10 Nights (Single room) € 4950 € 5280
14 Nights (Single room) € 6749 € 7214
17 Nights (Single room) € 8029 € 8587
21 Nights (Single room) € 9918
€ 10608
Number of Nights Kaimana + 1 extra bed
Kaimana + 2 extra bed
7 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.)
€ 2800
10 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 3890
€ 3780
14 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 5050
€ 4790
17 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 6040
€ 5940
21 Nights sharing 3 adults (p.p.) € 7300
€ 7150

includes meals & snacks, coffee, water, tea, airport pick-up and porterservices, government taxes, scheduled island transfers. Prices quoted per person and based on double occupancy.

Schedule mid week transfers (17,14,21,... nights) Free of Charge
Scheduled mid weeks transfer (10 nights SUN-WED or THU-SUN)
Free of Charge
Scheduled sunday transfer for stays less than 7 nights 85 EUR p.p./per way
Scheduled arrival / departure is Sunday (for weekly packages)
Scheduled arrival / departure is Sun-Wed or Thu-Sun (for 10 day packages  
Non scheduled transfer boat charter from sorong
(rental fee can be shared beetwen guests)
600 EUR per way
Fast Public Ferry to Waisai and pickup at Waisai harbour
(ferry does not operate on Indonesian public holidays)
110 EUR p.p. / perway

Note: Arrival / Departure on Saturdays are not possible

Children Policy
Infant >4 years Free of Charge
Children > 8 Years
minus 75%
Children > 12 Years minus 50%
Children > 14 Years minus 25%

Returning Guests (on the pre-booked accommodation only or accommodation with unlimited diving packages)
1'st time 2'nd and more time

Book the "unlimited diving package" (see accommodation + unlimited diving package) or book a number of dives up-front or simply "Pay for what you dive" at the resort (see table below)
1-5 dive
€ 50
6-10 dive € 47
11-15 dive
€ 39
16+ € 35

Single snorkel trip
€ 24
Double snorkel trip (min. 4 guest/on request)
€ 35

Includes guide, unguided House reef snorkelling is free of charge.

Rental Equipment
Per Dive Per Day Per Week
Full set (BCD, reg., wetsuit, mask & fins, comp.)
€ 30
€ 49 € 215
BCD or Regulator
€ 8
€ 14
€ 65
Wetsuit € 6
€ 10
€ 55
Mask, Snorkel & Fins
/ € 10
€ 55
Dive Computer
/ € 12
€ 58
Dive Torch
€ 8
/ /
snorkel/life jacket
/ € 5
€ 25


Please read the following information.

If you make a booking with Papua Diving you automatically agree to abide by our terms and conditions. Papua Diving will provide services based on the following Terms and Conditions.

Bookings are confirmed after receipt of a 25% down payment. Please note: Failure to pay your deposit within one week of initial booking will result in automatic cancellation of your space. Full payment must be settled at least 45 days before arrival.

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation without notice if the deposit is not received within seven days.

By regulation of the National Bank of Indonesia we are not allowed to accept payments from abroad by Credit Card.
All payments for bookings are by bank transfer only. Full banking details can be found at the bottom of your invoice. We have a Euro, US$ or Rupiah account. It is best to pay in bank account which has the same currency with your bank account to avoid the ‘conversion fees’ and mismatch amount due to different exchange rates applied.

All bank charges must be paid by the sender. The Sender also agrees to pay any bank correspondence fees charged if an intermediary bank is used. All invoices must be paid in full, we do not accept deduction of bank charges; it is your responsibility to ensure that the total shown on your statement is received by our bank. Usually there is a ‘full amount fees’ for this. Kindly send to the Resort the copy of the Bank receipt so that we can trace you payment, by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For last minute booking, pre-payments by credit card are NOT accepted.
If pre-payment or clear proof of pre-payment is not received within the terms and conditions, the booking will be considered cancelled and the services will not be provided.
Kindly send to the Resort the copy of the Bank receipt so that we can trace you payment, by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


There is no boat diving between 6pm Friday and 6pm Saturday as this is the day of rest for all staff. Night diving at 7pm is possible. Saturday is used for relaxing, exploring the island and bird watching on Saturday morning. (See Red Bird of Paradise Trip)

Please also be aware that there are sometimes strong currents in this area which is one of the reasons for so many fish. If you have a reef hook please bring it.



All divers and non divers visiting Raja Ampat need to pay an annual Marine Park entrance fee of Rp 500,000 (approx: US$55/€38) per person (Rp 250,000 for Indonesian citizens). We collect the payment at the resort on behalf of Conservation International. Please have the correct amount ready upon arrival at the resort. You will receive an official marine park tag upon payment. (state of 7/2012)

IMPORTANT Please bring 3 passport photos and 3 copies of your passport for the Papua travel permit (SuratJalan) which will be processed free of charge.
If you already have your visa in advance please bring 3 copies.

On Saturday mornings we offer an excursion to see the Red Bird of paradise on the neighboring island of Gam. Departure is at 05.00am, back at 08.00am. Admission fee is Rp 200,000 p/p (approx €17), which is paid in full to the host village. Papua-Diving is doing this as a service to the community to stimulate tourism in the area, and offers a free boat transfer to the village and back. Bird sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We do not have wetsuits for rent, please bring your own. We have a limited supply of BCD’s, fins, booties, and regulators for rent; if you need to hire gear please let us know exactly what you need well in advance with correct sizes required. Loss or damage will be fined with 350 euro p/item.

For extra charges at the resort we accept cash payments in Euros, Indonesian Rupiah or US Dollars. Please note for US$ Dollars we can only accept clean notes in good condition, (no markings or damage) series 2005 or later. Credit card payments (Master / Visa) are possible, a 3% service charge applies.
Kindly note that we are located in a remote area and our machine works on a local SIM card. When connection drops , the machine cannot operate.
Kindly make arrangements with your bank before arriving in Indonesia, certain banks often block credit cards used in foreign countries.

We are happy to assist with ticket reservations but will accept no responsibility in the event of problems with flights: for example delayed flights, cancelled flights, re-routed flights, lost baggage, overweight baggage costs etc. We will assist you to make a reservation with local ticketing agents. 20% markup on ticket price applies. We take care of the reservation, payment, and ticket delivery through our local ticket agents. We can also assist in the event that any problems occur such as re-booking alternative routes based on availability. Please note: any extra costs incurred due to flight problems (cancellations, breakdowns, etc.) are at your own cost.

The majority of our best diving is located within 10km of the resort so there is no need to travel outside this zone - there are many amazing dive sites on our doorstep. However Kri Eco Resort do offer special day trips to sites located about one hour away from the resort and if people request to go outside the 10 km zone Kri Eco Resort charge extra for fuel depending on the distance. Fuel is very expensive here and increasing constantly. Our current fuel surcharges range from Euro 20.00 p/p to Euros 60.00 p/p based on 4 people sharing a boat.

Cancellations made 45 or more days prior to arrival will be refunded less a 25% per person service fee.
Cancellations made between 45 and 30 days before arrival are subject to a 50% per person cancellation fee.
Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to arrival are not refundable.
All cancellations must be received in writing. No exceptions.

In the event of a no show or early departure, the reservation will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the full length of stay. In cases of late arrival due to flight delays, we cannot be held accountable for such flight delays or cancellations.

Domestic airlines baggage allowance :
Merpati Airlines – 20kg allowance for checked luggage,
Lion Wings Air – 15kg allowance for checked luggage
Express Air – 15kg allowance for checked luggage.

Domestic airlines overweight charges*
Lion Air Rp. 16.500 p/kg, Merpati Rp. 23.000 – 30.000 depending on route
Express Air 25.500 – 37.500 p/p depending on the route

Airport departure tax*
from Sorong Rp. 16.000 p/p
Manado Rp. 140.000 p/p international Rp. 40.000 domestic
Bali/jakarta – Rp. 150.000 p/p

*Please check the latest regulations with the airline

Responsibility and Liability:

Papua Diving, its officers, employees, PT. Asiable Indonesia are not responsible or liable for any injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, omission, irregularity or nonperformance occurring in connection with these arrangements. Scuba Divers must have valid Diver Certification Card. Only certified divers may participate in dive packages. Scuba divers are fully and completely responsible for themselves and their equipment. The only equipment routinely supplied on dive packages is tanks, weights, and weight belt. The client understands and accepts all risks associated with any and all activities, and land and water sports engaged in, including but not limited to swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating.

The clients’ acceptance of verbal or written confirmation, and/or a deposit or final payment for services, constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. strongly advises all her guest to take good travel insurance. Pls. remember that Kri Eco Resort are remotely located so it is a good idea to include emergency medical evacuation. Also los of stay/dives due to delay of flights or not being able to dive due to sickness should be considered.

If you are not willing to abide by these Terms and Conditions, or if you are unwilling to personally accept responsibility for your own actions, personal liability and well being, please do not make use of the services of Papua Diving.

Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.


The price is subject to change. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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