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Timika - Raja Ampat - Sorong (12D11N)


Timika - Raja Ampat - Sorong

On this voyage Katharina takes you from Asmat country in the South of Papua to the Raja Ampat, all the way in the North. The Raja Ampat archipelago consists of some 600 Islands and islets that straddle the equator in the area off  the “Birds Head”, the  extreme north-western tip of the Papua province of Indonesia (formerly known as New Guinea.)

The name Raja Ampat literally means ‘the Four Kings’ and the name dates back to the time that the islands were ruled from the North Moluccan sultanates of Ternate and Tidore.  (Each of the four larger islands in the group, Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool had an independent ‘raja’)  Most of the islands have rugged and steep coastlines and are covered with virgin rain forest.  The larger islands are lightly populated, but most others are uninhabited by humans

Day 1

You will touchdown early in the morning at the airport of Timika and we will immediately transfer you to the harbour which is located at the mouth of the local river. Once settled in on Katharina, we will departure in the direction of Agats.

Day 2

The vessel will arrive off Agats, the capital of the Asmat region and we will remain there for two days in order to explore the Asmat heartland which is located in a huge expanse of swamps and mangroves along the southern coast of Papua (Irian Jaya). Moving about on local longboats, we shall visit various villages. All Asmat villages are located on river banks and until about 50 years ago this land was completely unexplored and home to fierce warriors. We see the traditional longhouses (called “jeu”) and the exquisite woodcarving that has made the Asmat people world famous.

We learn how they tap the wild sago to satisfy their daily needs. We’ll experience ritual welcome ceremonies and other traditional rituals pertinent to the Asmat tribe.  At one stage the Katharina will be surrounded by dozens of war-canoes and the air will be filled with shrieks and shouts expressing a heartfelt welcome to the honored guests coming from overseas.

Day 3

In the course of the evening of our second day in the Asmat region we will lift our anchor and set sail heading for the Triton bay located over 200 nautical miles to the west.

Day 4

We will sail the entire day along the flood plane coast of Irian Jaya. If winds are favorable, we will hoist the sails and share the experience of Sir Alfred Wallace, who described Phinisi vessels as “more comfortable than the modern day steamers” during his Odysseys through the “Malay Archipelago” (1854-1862). When conditions allow one or more swim stops will be made.

Day 5

Katharina arrives in Triton bay, certainly one of the most beautiful and undisturbed places of Asia. The scenery is magnificent: tall cliffs, limestone outcrops separated by narrow channels, secluded beaches, turquoise waters…..the perfect pirates’ den.  We’ll use our tenders to explore the area. If time permits, we may also visit the village of Lobo at  the foot of a 3000 feet cliff. We shall pass a quiet evening in a protected cove and have a BBQ on the beach.

Day 6

On our way to the small town of Kaimana, we may make a stop at Namatote village to search for cliff paintings and other pictorial signs left by ancient inhabitants high on the cliff galleries. In Kaimana we will spend a few hours in the centre of town to get the feel of ‘urban’ Papua. West of Kaimana we sail mile after mile along a coastline of uninhabited, towering mountains covered with thick jungle. Here, in complete wilderness, a roaring river cascades down the jungle-clad mountains and crashes right on the white-sand beach. Plenty of lobsters inhabit the rocky waters around Kiti Kiti.

Day 7

We arrive at Karas island in the bay of Sebakor. We visit local villages or laze around on one of the secluded beaches. Then we proceed to the district centre of Fakfak where we disembark to explore the city. It is one of the few places on the entire coast where the crew has the opportunity to take on fresh supplies.

Day 8

On the way from Fakfak to the island of Misool, we make a stop at one or two of the so-called “Valsche Pisang” islands, and definitely will not skip the desert island of Daram where pristine white beaches populated by myriads of hermit crabs present the perfect site for another unforgettable BBQ. Great snorkeling!

Day 9

We reach the  east coast of Misool which is dotted  with  numerous  uninhabited islets and fringed by white-sand beaches and coral reefs; we spend the morning snorkeling and exploring these islands. Few areas in Indonesia can lay claim to such unsurpassed natural beauty as the eastern end of the Misool archipelago; its landscape is typical of ‘karst dissolution’ so the chain of islands were cut  into hundreds of coves and lagoons, high cliffs and limestone overhangs, narrow channels and inlets, caves and jagged rocks as well as countless shaded beaches... another  perfect  pirates’  den. 

The reefs are mostly untouched with many underwater caves waiting to be explored. If you feel like doing some rock – climbing, you will enjoy incredible scenery and you will have a fair chance of spotting exotic birds, including large hornbills. After one or two stops we sail onward to the north coast of Misool Island.

10 - 11

We explore more of the so-called and world-famous ‘Raja Ampat’ (four kings) islands, located west and north of Bird’s Head, the western tip of Papua. We will look for the elusive Wilson’s Bird of paradise, take a bath in waterfalls and follow tracks into the jungle. The last night we will spend at anchor off the island of Mansuar, close to the mainland. Here we will enjoy some final white-sand beaches, clear waters, iridescent reefs, always with the backdrop of thick forests.

Day 12

After breakfast we say farewell to the crew of the Katharina and disembark in Sorong, and take you to the airport of the city for the return flight to Bali.

Participants should be aware that itinerary and program of our sea voyages occasionally may have to be modified, due to factors beyond our control : unfavorable weather conditions, delay in processing harbour clearances, modified schedules of domestic flights. We will adjust the program accordingly in the best interest of all.

Please note that the domestic flights are not included in the price.


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