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Sea World Club

Sea World Club is a seaside hotel with an own dive center located on the beautiful and very calm beach of Waiara and directly next to the...


Welcome to the Sea World Club Hotel on the Waiara Beach in the Bay of Maumere on Flores Island.

Sea World Club is a seaside hotel with an own dive center located on the beautiful and very calm beach of Waiara and directly next to the most beautiful diving grounds in the Bay of Maumere on the heuristically hardly developed Lesser Sunda Flores Island in Indonesia.

In our resort you can perfectly relax and let your soul hang out. Everybody feels well here - divers, culturally aware persons that make a short break here after an eventful tour on Flores Island or tourists who want to enjoy a silence beach holiday. The sea is almost always as smooth as glass and offers an ideal setting for swimming, snorkeling and diving in high and low tide.

The resort is located directly on a mile long beach in an extensive area with many palms and trees. The beach is gently-sloping to the sea and the dark volcanic sand is coarse and contains little stones. In this incredible silence you can perfectly relax, watch the fishermen at their work or go for a long and lonely walk. In the evenings you can enjoy spectacular sunsets from the beach or the terrace of your bungalow.


Flores Island belongs to Indonesia, the biggest archipelago on earth that consists of more than 17.000 islands between Asia and Australia.

Flores is located to the east of Bali and belongs to the Small - Sunda - Islands. In company with the island Sumba, the western part of the island Timor and a few smaller islands - Alor, Sabu Rote, Solor and Lembata - Flores belongs to the province Nusa Tenggara whose capital Kupang is on West Timor.

Flores Island has a size of 14.125 square metres and the landscape is very mountainous. It is the biggest island in Nusa Tenggara. The length of the island is 380 kilometers and it is between 26 and 270 kilometers wide. The narrowest point is between Maumere in the North and the village Sikka in the South. Flores is located in the volcanic zone that extends from Sumatra across Java and Bali to the Banda Sea. The turbulent geological history is reflected in the heavily fragmented mountainous region of Flores

The island Flores is subdivided into six areas that are called - from the West to the East - Manggarai, Ngada, Ende-Lio, Sikka, Flores Timor and Lembata with their capitals Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende, Maumere, Larantuka and Lewoleba.

Characteristic of the island is the remarkable difference in altitude between the mountainous regions (with summits that are between 2100 and 2445 meters high) and the depth of the sea that is partially 5000 meters.

Flores has 14 active volcanos and there were some volcanic eruptions in the recent past : Mount Lewotobi (Eastern Flores) in 1938, Mt. Lerek (Lembata) in 1948, Mt. Rokatenda (Palue) in 1964 and Mt. Ia (Ende) in 1969. The strongest earthquake for hundred years has been on December 12th 1992.

The last volcanic eruption has been on 9.9.2004 when the volcano Egon,that is about 14 kilometers away from Sea World Club, spat ash. Meanwhile everybody can climb volcano Egon again and it is a great trekking - event for everyone, because the three-hour hike is also doable for not especially trained hikers and the crater of Egon is now even more impressive.


Sea World Club offers 25 bungalows with several sizes, amenities and in different price categories.

In the middle of the bungalow complex there is the Open-Air Restaurant & Pantai Waiara Beach Bar, where you can spend pleasant evenings and enjoy freshly caught fish as well as Indonesian and international cuisine. We arrange barbecues on the beach and evenings with traditional folklore. In our bar in the restaurant we serve well-cooled drinks with or without alcohol as well as exotic drinks.

In a separate builing you can find our reception and a common room that is equipped with satellite TV, a little souvenir shop and several books and magazines for the general use. In another building you can find our dive center. Sea World Club is owned by a local social foundation YASPEM that organizes and realizes many charity projects in the Maumere and Sikka Region on Flores Island.

Discover the scenic attractions of Flores with us! We organize boat-trips for divers, day-trips to Kelimutu and individual round trips according to your wishes. Enjoy our hospitality and our individual service and chill out in our calm tropical paradise beyond the well-trodden touristic paths.

Premium Beachfront Suite Bungalow

Are directly located on the beach and are sized 50-55 square meters. They have high ceilings and full length windows with an access to the great terrace that is well protected against sun. The interior is tasteful and top-quality furnished with a king-sized "four poster bed" and comfortable seating-accommodations in the interior room and on the terrace.

Beachfront Suite Bungalows

are situated only steps to the sea, have specious large and comfortable suite double room with modern bathroom and beautiful view to the beach and sea and to the spectacular sunset. This beachfront bungalows are tasteful furnished with a king-sized "four poster bed" and comfortable seating-accommodations in the interior room and on the terrace.

Beachfront Cottage

Are situated only steps to the sea. They are 41 sqm large with high ceilings and full length windows to the large 13.5 sqm terrace. Here you can enjoy magnificent view to the sea and to the often spectacular sunset. This bungalows are constructed traditionally on stilts with bamboo and wood. The interior in the room and terrace is functional and tasteful with tropical flair.

The Honeymoon Suite

Is a traditional bungalow directly on the beach. It is completely constructed with coconut wood and it is tastefully equipped with furniture of rattan and coconut wood. The Honeymoon Suite offers a lot of privacy, because it is located in the outlying western corner of the resort. You have a view over the sea and you can enjoy the spectacular sunsets. The bathroom is very spacious, modern and comfortable. The bungalow is sized 55sqm.

(Family) Beach Cottage

Are on the beach in second row and have sea views. The Cottages are sized 54sqm, are constructed traditionally on stilts with bamboo and wood and have two sleeping rooms and one modern bathroom. From the terrace you can enjoy sea view and the sea is only steps away. The bungalows are suitably for up to 5 person and perfect for families or small group of friends.

Garden Cottage

are located in the garden behind the Premium Beachfront Suites. They are all equipped with a bedroom for two persons, a modern bathroom with bathtub or shower and hot water. All of our Garden Cottages are equipped with an air-conditioner and a refrigerator. The bungalows are traditionally constructed with bamboo and wood and have a tiled floor.

Family Villas

have a living-space of 80 qm and are equipped individually with two bedrooms, a spacious living room, a modern bathroom with shower and a huge terrace. One of the villas has a limited sea view and the other one has a garden view. Both villas are only 10 meters away from the beach.


An open air restaurant in a large thatched building in close distance to the reception is serving Indonesian and International dishes. The specialty is grilled fresh fish and seafood. Open from 6.00 am until 10.00 pm, 7 days a week.

Our cosy 'Pantai Waiara Beach Bar' is serving cold drinks and snacks from 11am until 10pm. Enjoy spectacular sunsets and the Happy Hour on the Beach Bar from 4-6 pm.

Famous are our Beach BBQ's with fresh fish, sate and a large buffet with entertainment by local folklore music and performance bands.


Sea World Club Resort is located in the Northeast of Flores Island directly on the beach of Waiara and 14 kilometres east of the airport in Maumere There is at least one flight daily from Denpasar (Bali) to Maumere and also twice a day a flight from Kupang (Timor) to Maumere. The airport shuttle from the airport in Maumere to the hotel is free of charge. We gladly assist you with the flight booking.

There are daily flights from Denpasar/Bali to Maumere/Flores with Batavia Air, Lion/Wings Air or Merpati Air . The flight Denpasar - Maumere takes about 2 hours. From Jakarta or Surabaya there is an flight connection to Maumere via Kupang or Denpasar. On Flores Island there are airports in Maumere, Larantuka, Ende, Ruteng and Labuan Bajo.

We glad book a flight from Bali to Flores (and vice versa) for our guests. We book the flight directly from the airline company and send e-tickets to our guests via e-mail. The current charge for a ticket is approx. 1.100.000 IDR, but it varies constantly. After got prepayment via PayPal or to our Indonesia account we can buy tickets for our guest and send e-tickets via e-mail. We charge 50.000 rp per booking for the organization of the tickets.

In conjunction with Tours we meet our guests at the airport or in Labuan Bajo and in this case we also book the outward flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo and the return flight from Maumere to Denpasar.

Maumere is a seaport and there are frequent ferry connections between Maumere and Surabaya, some of them via Makassar / Sulawesi. There is a ferry connection to Bali only every two weeks. The schedules of the ferries can vary and it is not common to reserve or buy tickets in advance.

The road conditions in Flores are - apart from the bigger towns like Maumere, Ende, Bajawa and Ruteng - very modest. Only a mostly paved street connects the East and the West of the island and it partly winds through the mountainous regions. Landslides and broken,damaged bridges are not uncommon during and after the time of the monsoons. A trip with a privately chartered car (that makes you independent from the schedules of the busses) from Maumere to Labuan Bajo in the West takes at least two days.

The local public transport consists of little bussed, minibuses and Bemos. The busses are often incredibly jam-packed, especially on the market-days. Minibuses are often quite comfortable.

The time of travel is shorter if you privately charter a car with driver. There are no car rental agencies, but you can rent a car with driver whereupon the offer cannot be compared to the offers in Bali and the charges are accordingly higher. We gladly arrange a car with driver for you or organize your individual several-day island-trip or day trips. For a short overview you can have a look at our offer of tours. Please contact us for further detailed information. We look forward to showing you our beautiful island Flores!


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