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Lembeh Resort & Spa


Lembeh Resort & Spa

We are the premiere destination for critter diving, muck diving, and underwater photography—especially macro photography and wide angle photography—in Lembeh Strait. Our spectacular boutique-style resort, situated on Lembeh Island and perched above the beautiful Lembeh Strait of northeast Sulawesi is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and blends perfectly into the landscape.



Guests of Lembeh Resort stay in one of two different Deluxe Cottage styles – Traditional Minahasan or Modern Cliffside – or the Garden View Rooms. All guest rooms include 24-hour electricity, en-suite bathroom with hot water, air-conditioning, king-size bed or twin beds, wardrobe, table and chair, dispenser for cold and hot drinking water, complimentary tea and coffee, mini-bar and electronic safe.

The very spacious Traditional Minahasan Cottages are fully detached and located along the front resort gardens, which are directly behind the waterline. Built from wood in the traditional style of the local Minahasan culture, with long covered wooden verandas, these cottages offer our guests beautiful sea views as well sunset views over Mount Klabat and other volcanoes. All but one of these cottages include an open bathroom complete with open-air shower as well as a closed shower. Four of these cottages are designed as two separate rooms—living room and bedroom—allowing comfortable accommodation for up to four people.
The more modern Cliffside Cottages are located high above the rest of the resort on the opposite side of a small bay which forms the heart of the property. Their location requires walking up steps, but guests staying in these cottages agree that the uninterrupted 180 degree views over Lembeh Strait from each room’s private balcony are simply stunning and worth the walk! These cottages also include an open-air bathroom with open-air shower.
Constructed in 2012, the Garden View Rooms are located close to the Restaurant and Dive Center and are surrounded by and enjoy views of our tropical gardens. These rooms are perfect for single travelers or those persons with a smaller budget.
Groomed walkways traverse our well-attended grounds of lush tropical gardens including many local fauna and flora found only in the tropics.

Restaurant and Bar

The Restaurant & Bar, centrally located with beautiful views on the upper level of the main building, is open from 7 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast is usually a buffet of fresh tropical fruits & juices; bread, cereals & yogurts; oven-fresh pastries & homemade rolls; and cooked-to-order Western or Indonesian dishes. Lunch is usually also a buffet. Dinner is served a-la-carte, when our chefs prepare a wide selection of international & Indonesian cuisine catering to all tastes. The chefs will happily do their utmost to accommodate any special requests and dietary requirements. Morning & afternoon snacks are also served, and tea & coffee are available throughout the day in the dining area.

The resort offers regular Indonesian BBQ nights where guests can enjoy a delicious spread of satays and Indonesian dishes while being serenaded by the local Sunday school choir.
Our guests may enjoy a bottle of wine from our selection, sip a refreshing cocktail or simply have a cold local Bintang beer while sitting at our bar. The new poolside bar is one of the best spots to enjoy the view over Lembeh Strait between dives or gather with friends for sunset. You can chat with other guests and share your muck diving experiences, have a drink while watching the sunset, or simply stargaze after dinner.



Just meters from the sea, guests can enjoy stunning day and sunset views across the Lembeh Strait by relaxing around or cooling off in the freshwater swimming pool. Sunbeds and umbrellas around the pool ensure guests’ comfort, and towels are provided.


After a hard day’s diving, guests can unwind by treating themselves to a relaxing massage at our spa. The spa is open from 2:15 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. Guests may select from a range of treatments from a 30-minute reflexology session to 2.5 hours of pampering. Details are listed below.


Founded by Danny Charlton and his wife Angelique Batuna, Critters@Lembeh has been diving Lembeh Strait for Lembeh Resort since 2002. Danny, an American, and Angelique, originally from North Sulawesi, have been working together with Lembeh Resort founder Alex Rorimpandey and his family, also from North Sulawesi, since before Lembeh Resort’s opening. At Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort, we pride ourselves on our strong partnership and teamwork that provides our guests an experience of critter diving Lembeh Strait that is second to none.

Our team of professional local dive guides boasts nearly 70,000 combined Lembeh Strait dives. Our dive team’s infectious enthusiasm for muck diving and underwater photography will exceed your expectations, keeping you engaged and excited throughout your Lembeh Strait adventure. Whether you are already expert in macro photography, underwater photography and muck diving or just getting to know the magical experience of diving Indonesia, we are your friends in Lembeh Strait. Our guest-to-guide ratio of 4:1 ensures personal attention that will help you see most, if not all, of the critters on your wish lists. Unlimited diving is offered to resort guests, with the majority of the 50+ sites within the Strait only a quick, comfortable boat ride away.


Dive Center

You will feel right at home in our Dive Center. We offer a few essential items for sale, complimentary tea and coffee facilities as well as reasonably priced specialty coffee for surface intervals. A large collection of reference books specific to muck diving, diving North Sulawesi and diving Indonesia to help you identify critters.

Full dive equipment rental is available. Additionally you can rent a torch for a night dive, a special u/v torch for viewing luminescent critters & coral or a compact camera for underwater photography (our Photo Pro can provide macro photography lessons too).

You may also request a magnifying lens or a pair of fingerless gloves to accompany your critter diving to help you capture those beautiful Lembeh macro photography images.

Dive Site Map

Batu Kapal

In Indonesian, “Batu” means rock and “Kapal” means ship. From a distance, the rocks of this site resemble a ship. These rocks are a set of pinnacles off the northern tip of Lembeh Island. This is the best big fish dive in North Sulawesi, but severe multi-directional currents prevent all but only the most experienced divers from venturing there. Turtles, white-tip and grey reef sharks, as well as eagle rays are also sometimes seen.

Dante's Wall

This site is named after a dive guide named Dante. At the very northern tip of Lembeh Island, this dive site has a beautiful wall going down to 30-35 meters, covered in black corals and sea fans. Where the wall ends at a slope, in the shallows there is small opening to a huge cave with shrimp, lobsters, and flashlight fish.

Jiko Yansi

A wall dive, this is a good spot for pygmy seahorses and other small critters. There is a slight overhang at the dive site and the scenery is the main draw.

Pulau Putus

A beautiful coral and sponge garden in a sheltered bay. The scenery itself is the highlight, though larger rays (devil and eagle rays) are seen from time to time.

California Dreaming

This stunning site is a seamount out from the island of Pulau Putus. It features twin coral peaks with a sand flat in between. The shallows are good for giant frogfish and tiny boxer crabs. The coral slopes down on either side, but the most exposed section is a series of steps formed by boulders and sand shelves which descend into the depths. A kaleidoscope of soft corals make this Lembeh’s most colorful dive site. Large mackerel and tuna pass by and the scenery is a big draw.

Batu Merah

In Indonesian, “Batu” means rock and “Merah” means red, as this site has a red tint to the slopes. This site offers two dives: a rich coral slope or a steep sandy slope with coral bommies and a sunken fishing boat. There is much to see here. A cleaning station at 24 meters is a focal point, but there is a wide array of nudibranchs, pipefish, crustaceans, and cephalopod species.

Angel's Window

A twin-peaked coral pinnacle comes within a meter of the surface. A large cave offers a swim-through for divers on the deep end of the pinnacle. This site got its name from the sunlight that shines through the cave opening in the early morning. One side is a coral slope leveling out onto a sand flat at 15 meters and on the other side is a wall to a shelf at 8 meters, then a small plateau and another drop-off, down to 20-32 meters.

ROJOS is named for our dive guides and crew that found the site while exploring. This includes Ronald, Opo, Joni, Ona, and Salmon. The site is a mix of coral, sandy slope, and sandy bottom. This site is near a pearl farming area.

Batu Sandar

In Indonesian, Batu Sandar means Leaning Rock. The dive site is named after a rocky pinnacle that leans above the water. A finger of shallow hard coral extends out into the Strait down to 20 meters on a white sandy slope. Sheltered shallows have excellent soft coral and sponge growth, and the deeper flat sand has many scattered coral bommies. A good site for Pygmy Seahorses in the 20-25m depth range. The shallows are good for snorkelers.

Air Bajo

Air Bajo is one of the premier muck dive sites located on Lembeh Island. In Indonesian, Air Bajo means Sea Gypsy. Air Bajo is a large area that is broken up int three dive sites. Each of the three sites begins with a shallow sandy flat 4-6 m deep, then a gentle sandy slope to a depth of 20m where the bottom gradually flattens out.

Tanjung Tebal

This stunning site offers huge boulders, creating canyons and shelves which stretch well out into the Strait. Strong currents are usually found here, demanding planning for slack tide. “Tanjung” means cape and “Tebal” means wide or thick, so this dive site is named for the thick part of the cape on which it lies, as seen from above.

Tanjung Kubur

This site is named after the cemetery in the nearby village on the cape, as “Tanjung” means cape and “Kubur” means cemetery. A slope with nice hard corals in the shallows down to 15 meters, leading on to sand and rubble with small reef patches to 30 meters.

Pantai Parigi

“Pantai” means beach and “Parigi” means well, so this site is named after the fresh water well on the nearby beach. A white sand muck site with healthy and dense coral cover in the shallows, then a gentle white sandy slope that is a good alternative to the predominantly black sand in the Strait.

Pantai Abo

A 5 minutes trip away from the resort, this site has a coral area in the shallow parts around 5 until 7 m. It continues with black sandy slope until 20 m and rubble in the deep area. This is a nice site for night dives. “Pante” means beach and “Abo” is the name of a local girl who passed away near the site.

Pintu Colada

This dive site has a ridgeline of shallow healthy coral and a gentle white sand and rubble slope down to the 25m depth. This site is also the location of the evening Mandarin fish dive. The shallow corals are good for snorkelers.

Pintu Kota Kecil

To the right side of the resort, this site has a nice coral area surrounded by black sand and coral rubble. “Pintu” means door or gateway, “Kota” means town, and Kecil is the name of the nearby village.

Pintu Kota Besar (SeaGrass)

This site is located to the left side of the resort. It is a rubble slope with a lot of halimeda algae.

Lembeh Resort House Reef

“House Reefs” are traditionally located in front of the resort. The house reef is a shore dive, which can be dived any time. A sand and sea grass bed in the shallows at 2-7 meters leads on to a slope from 8-15 meters depth. Maximum depth is 25 meters. The substrate is mostly sand with colonies of corals and rubble areas at 7-8m. At 15 meters there are “reef balls” – artificial reefs which attract additional life. The house reef can be easily self-guided by means of a buoy system, which starts from 2 meters, continues down to 15 meters and brings you right back to shore.

Tanjung Kusu-Kusu

“Tanjung” means cape and “kusu-kusu” means tall or wild grass, so the dive site is named for the tall grass growing on the cape near the site. A shallow coral/rubble site with a residential population of mandarin fish. A good place for dusk dives to observe courtship and mating behavior of this elegant fish.

Mawali Wreck

The most popular wreck in the Strait, this huge WW2 Japanese freighter lies on her port side, offering a coral-encrusted oasis. Mawali is the name of the nearby village.

Critter Hunt

This dive site has a self-explanatory name – it is a lovely dive site, which offers some spectacular critter hunting. It has a nice and healthy reef in the shallows with many different species of anemones. A little bit deeper, there is a gentle rubble slope. Patches of coral rubble, goniopora and alvepora corals live at around 22 meters.

Pulau Abadi

A nice coral site in the middle section of the strait. Large barrel sponges, porites boulders and patches of halimeda algae in the shallows and large quantities of seafans further down the current exposed slope.

Goby A'Crab

This site is named for the extensive variety of gobies and crabs that can be found there. One of the few dive sites situated far south in Lembeh Strait. Excellent coral growth in the shallows, with a steep white sandy slope below. Visibility is generally better than in the middle of Lembeh Strait. A good mix of muck and coral species.


A southern muck site, this is a shallow (2-3 meters) flat sandy area leading to a slope down to 20+ meters where the bottom reminds you of the craters of the surface of the moon. All sand. A cargo ship had been sunk on the shallow sandy flat. A bit different from sand sites within the Strait, it is hit-and-miss here, but there can be an exceptional variety of venomous fish, and pipefishes and their relatives. The site is named after the nearby village.

Pulau Dua

A small island off the southeast coast of Lembeh on the open ocean side of Lembeh Island. This dive site features a slope with fingers of reef down to 30 meters. Good visibility, although can be subject to strong current, attracting the bigger fish.

Pantai Jiko

A sandy slope that leads into a beautiful sheer wall, which progressively becomes deeper. The wall is covered in whip corals, gorgonians, sponges, and soft corals. It usually has good visibility. “Pantai” means beach and “Jiko” means bay, as the site is named after a small beach on the bay in which it lies.

Batu Angus

This is a sheltered series of lava bowls offering good hard coral growth (especially lettuce corals) in shallow depths, no current and visibility better than anywhere else in the Strait. The dive site is named Batu Angus because “Batu” means rock and “Angus” means burns, signifying the hardened lava rock in the water. Although there are few schooling fish, this is an excellent place for snorkeling. For divers this site is known for mandarin fish, which can be seen mating and fighting at dusk.

Aw Shucks

Next to a pearl farm, this site has a verdant mix of coral and sponge growth in the shallows with a sandy slope below. The first divers to explore this site proclaimed “Aw Shucks!” after they found a lot of critters during their dive. Snorkeling can also be done here.


When first exploring this site, three divemasters; Terry, Ronald and Nus were trying to come up with a name when Terry said, “What about Hey, Nus?”. And that is how it got its name. It is a muck site with a gentle sandy slope that drops down to coral patches in about 14-20 meter depth. There are lots of scattered Physogyra corals and rope sponges along the slope.

Hairball 1, 2, 3

This is one of the most famous of the muck sites in the Strait. The sandy slope here is exceptionally rich. The position on a point means that the mix of currents brings more nutrients than on most other nearby sites. A sandy slope to 30 meters with scattered reef in the shallows and at the far north end of the dive site.


ATK 1, 2 and 3 are short for Teluk Kembahu. “Teluk” means bay and Kembahu is the name of the nearby village. An excellent muck site with a sandy slope that starts at 5 meters and continues down to about 22 meters. Patches of rope-sponges attract various marine life as well as some small coral bommies in the shallows.

Retak Larry (Larry's Crack)

Another black sand site, but with a small stand of healthy coral in the shallows

Slow Poke

A gentle sandy slope of black sand with some rubble and a single bommie that can harbor numerous ornate ghost pipefish at times.

Nudi Reatreat 1, 2, 3

One of the most heavily-dived sites in the strait, this is a lovely coral bowl in the shallows, turning into a sandy slope with encrusted boulders down below with two mini walls stretching out to either side, sporting healthy soft coral growth right up to only 2 meters in depth. The prime attractions here are pygmy seahorses and sea moths along with the attractive underwater scenery and general variety. Nudi Retreat is named for the large variety of nudibranchs that can be found there. When the visibility is good and a bit of current is running to open up all the soft corals, Nudi Retreat is a good Wide Angle dive.

Magic Crack

A continuance of the gentle sandy slope, the highlight of this dive is a coral and rubble patch stretching from 12 – 27 meters and is a good place to find thorny seahorses. In the shallows towards the bay is sand, but there is a healthy hard coral garden to the side, stretching southward out of the bay.

Jahir 2

A muck site that can be exceptional rich in critters. Coral patches on the shallow sandy flat to about 5 meters depth and a black sandy slope that continues down to 28 meters. Few concrete blocks that the mooring line is attached to and some sponge areas along the slope attracts a lot of interesting finds.

Makawidey 1, 2, 3

The Makawide sites are named after the nearby village. Excellent coral growth in the shallows and a rubble and sand slope. Makawide 2 has a pair of pinnacles, and is an excellent site for cephalopods and nudibranchs. The shallows are good for snorkeling.

Air Prang 1, 2, 3

“Air” means water and “Prang” means war. Air Prang was named after the jetty offering fresh water from an uphill aquifer, installed by the Japanese during WW2. Air Prang is a large, spread-out gradual sandy slope, which is popular for night diving but also potentially great during the day.

Sarena Besar

This site is at the Sarena Island group in the center of the strait. Since it is located at the “big” island, and the word for big in Indonesian is “Besar” the site is called “Sarena Besar”. The site is a combination of coral, rubble area, and a sandy bottom. In the shallow, there is some nice coral area, whereas the deep area is sandy bottom.

Sarena Barat

A sloping sand and rubble area near one of the smaller Sarena islands.

Police Pier

A sand and rubble slope with soft coral area with many orange sponges, as well as a small muck area. There are some pearl farm shacks on stilts in this site – a lot to see under the shack. Police Pier 2 is named for its proximity to the pier of the police station that monitors Lembeh Strait.

Nudi Falls

Nudi Falls is named after the fact that the bubbles from the divers sometimes cause nudibranchs to fall off the wall above and drift down. One of the most popular sites in the Strait. It consists of a beautiful sheer wall with a rocky slope below, then a sandy slope, levelling out into the main channel of rubble sprouting a deep forest of large soft corals. Scenically, this site is unlike any other in the Strait.

Pantai Kecil (Bianca)

This dive site is beside police pier 2 so it is quite similar to Police Pier 2. A sandy and rubble slope with soft coral area with many orange sponges, as well as a small muck area. “Pantai” means beach and “Kecil” means small, so this site is named after the nearby beach, which is very small.


Divers’ Lounge

What to do between dives in Lembeh Strait? We now offer the Divers’ Lounge, a place where divers can relax in or out of their wetsuits, purchase a barista beverage (cappuccinos, espressos, iced mochas…You name it!), and peruse our library of dive magazines and identification books. Our professional guides and staff marine biologist will happily join you and help you identify all those critters captured in pixels. You won’t have far to wander after your dive, as our Divers’ Lounge is located conveniently next to the Dive Center.

Drying / Changing facilities

The equipment rinsing/drying facilities are only steps from the boat. After your first dive, our dive team will see that your equipment is carried, rinsed and stored properly. For all subsequent dives, it will be loaded on the boat assembled and ready for your use. Our boat crews and dive guides will treat camera gear with the respect it deserves. Wetsuits are washed in special soap every two or three days, or upon request, and after the last dive of your trip.

The friendly and cheerful people of North Sulawesi will win you over as much as the diving. Our professional, courteous and attentive service will be as memorable as the critter diving of Lembeh Strait.

Camera room

Our spacious camera room and equipment rinsing/drying facilities are only steps from the boat. After your first great muck dive, our dive team will see that your equipment is carried, rinsed and stored properly. For all future dives, it will be loaded on the boat assembled and ready for your use. Our boat crews will treat camera gear with the respect it deserves.

The friendly and cheerful people of North Sulawesi will win you over as much as the critter diving. Our professional, courteous and attentive service will be as memorable as the critters diving of Lembeh Strait.

Diving Operation

Critters@Lembeh offers several dive opportunities every day.

Guided early morning house reef dive
Guided boat dives at 08:00 / 10:45 / 14:30
Guided Mandarin Fish boat dive at 16:45
Guided night dive at 18:15

We also offer a guided late night dive (after 20:00) and self guided house reef dives are available anytime .

In early 2008, we started a double-dive morning excursion that departs at 08:00 and returns at 12:30 – 12:45. During surface intervals, divers enjoy visiting a village, cruising through mangroves or just relaxing. Critters@Lembeh also offers diving to other areas of North Sulawesi including Bangka Island and Buyat Bay as well as the outside of Lembeh Island.

We follow a policy of “Dive As You Like”. Today you may take three boat dives during the day, while tomorrow you may prefer two morning dives with a house reef dive and a night dive. When you want to dive, where you want to dive and what you like to see is what we aim to provide. Just ask. We’re flexible!

Critters@Lembeh sites are divided into three categories:

Close by the resort, less than 5 minutes (15 sites)
Medium range from the resort (20 sites)
Further away sites, 15 minutes or more (15 sites)


We offer a full range of land-based excursions ranging from a short 1.5-hour tour of the local village to a full day tour of the Minahasan Highlands. A very popular tour, perfect for the free afternoon of decompressing the day before flying, is the Tangkoko National Park Tour, where guests can see many land ‘critters’ such as the famous Tarsiers and Black Crested Macaques.

Pintu Kota Village Tour

For guests interested in a quick tour but wanting to see some local culture, this is the perfect tour. Visiting Pintu Kota (meaning Small Door to the Town), a member of staff who is from that village will show you around and introduce you to a small taste of Lembet culture. Bring your camera; the local children love to have their photos taken!

Departure Time: Flexible. Please ask at Front Desk. Duration: Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.

Tangkoko National Park Tour

This is the ideal tour for Nature Lovers!

Tangkoko National Park is home to the smallest primate in the world – the Tarsier. Based at the foot of the Dua Saudara Mountain, the area is a mixture of rolling hills and valleys. We will walk through the park in search of the Black Crested Macaque, Hornbills, Kus Kus and Maleo birds as well as learning about the local fauna and flora along the way.

The Park is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Lembeh Resort. Please wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, spray on mosquito repellent and be sure to bring a camera and flashlight. Price includes guide and entrance fee into the national park.

Departure Time: 1:15 p.m. Duration: Approximately 6-7 hours.

Minahasa Highland Tours

Our Minahasan Highland Tour is a perfect way to explore the area and learn all about the local culture and history in this region.

We can tailor the tour to take in the sights that are of most interest to you, please read the concise descriptions below. If you have any questions, please ask our front desk team or Guest Relations Manager.

Tomohon Traditional Markets – The Highlands climate is perfect for growing a variety of plants and foodstuffs. Visit both the traditional flower market and jungle food market, where you can see a variety of local specialties for sale including bat, snake and dog.

Woloan & Pulutan Villages – Visit the local villages where specialized industries are booming! See traditional Minahasan houses being built and traditional pottery being made.

Lake Linow – The colors of this lake change due to high sulfur content in the surrounding rock and the changing light. Many bird species make this area their home. Watch out for bubbling mud holes as you walk around. This is a lovely spot to enjoy a beverage and soak up the views.

Lake Tondano – The largest lake in the region and the second largest in the country. The flat land surrounding the lakes is perfect for growing rice, one of the main livelihoods in this area.

Waruga – These are historical Minahasan stone graves. Listen to the local caretaker tell you the history of this fascinating tradition. The journey to and from Tondano to this location is absolutely stunning with sweeping vistas of coconut and spice trees. We can also visit some Waruga that are still in the original location in Nawanua, close to Manado.

Watu Pinawetengan is an interesting megalithic stone because of its unique form and scripts. It holds an important place in Minahasan history. There is also now a small museum with interesting artifacts in Pinabetengan village.

Close to the Watu Penawetengan, we can visit a factory where batik fabric and other local handicrafts are produced.

Japanese Caves – Dotted along the road side you can see the caves that the Japanese created during World War II, a somber reminder of turbulent Indonesian history

We will have lunch at Lake Tondano, or a local restaurant that serves traditional Minahasan cuisine depending on the itinerary that you choose. Lunch and any entrance fees are included in the price.

Minahasa Volcano Tour

Wanting to do something a bit active? Departing from Lembeh Resort, we drive through the beautiful Minahasan Highlands to the town of Tomohon. Arriving at the base of Mount Mahawu, we begin the trek to the crater’s edge where you can enjoy amazing views over to Bunaken and Manado Tua Islands. After working up an appetite, we stop for lunch at either Lake Tondano or a local restaurant that serves traditional Minahasan cuisine. We can also stop at a few other sights along the way.

Departure Time: 7:30 a.m. – 8 a.m. Duration: 6 -7 hours.

Bitung Traditional Market Tour

Bitung is a busy market town and one of the main livelihoods in this area is still fishing. Visit the local fish and grocery markets to experience Indonesian culture at its busiest! One of our staff will accompany you and help you experience the sights and sounds to the fullest!

Departure Time: 5 a.m. Duration: 2 -3 hours.

Tasikoki Rehabiliation Centre

Tasikoki is a wildlife rescue centre in North Sulawesi which specializes in the native primate species (Sulawesi macaques), the birds from Wallacea and Papua, and a variety of other endemic animals such as Babirusa. This small project is mainly supported by volunteers, without any backing from major organizations. One of the volunteers will give you a tour of the center and an explanation of the center’s work.
Departure Time: Flexible.

Duration: 2 -3 hours but can be combined with other land excursions.

Cooking Class

A tour of local Minahasan cuisine! Learn how to prepare a variety of local Minahasan dishes with our Head Chef. Take home our recipe booklet along with some local spices of your choice. We ask for one day’s notice so that we can prepare the necessary ingredients for the dishes of your choice.

Duration and price are dependent of length of the course.

Please feel free to ask for more information about these and other activities.



VALID FROM 01 APR 2015 UNTIL 31 MAR 2016






DELUXE COTTAGE                              
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double occupancy

$185 pp

single occupancy

$275 pp

extra bed (*)

$90 pp




Longstay Bonus (Begins 8th Nights)                        
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double occupancy (Deluxe Cottage)

$175 pp

single occupancy (Deluxe Cottage)

$265 pp

additional adult
$90 pp



Garden View Room   
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double occupancy

$125 pp

single occupancy

$190 pp



Longstay Bonus (Begins 8th Nights)                        
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double occupancy (Garden View Room)

$115 pp

single occupancy (Garden View Room)

$180 pp




24 December 2014 thru 05 January 2016

Add $10 per night to rates above



Buffet breakfast, lunch, morning & afternoon snack, a-la-carte dinner, continuous

iced or hot tea, coffee and purified drinking water, Welcome drink and fruit basket

on arrival. 11% taxes and resort service charge.



$37 p.p. Non Commissionable - Includes Porter Service

(Round trip to & from airport or city of Manado, based on a minimum 2 persons

traveling together. A surcharge of $10 will apply outside the hours of 8 am to 6




Children bellow 6 years of age are free-of-charge (**).

Children from the ages of 6 – 12 years old, will be charged $45 per night (**).

Children above 12 years old will be charged extra bed rate (**).


 (*) = in triple or quad share

(**) = if sharing room with parents










GUIDE BOAT DIVES                                           
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1 - 18


19 + For Subsequent Dives


Mandarin & Night Dive Surcharge

Above + $18

A La Carte Nitrox Fills

$9 Per Dive










24 December 2014 thru 05 January 2015

Add $3.50 per dive



guide, tanks, weights, weight belt & 11% government tax



Group of 10 - One (1) FOC, for diving and accommodation on

full board basis


Group of 14 - Two (2) FOC, booking must be for a minimum of 6

nights accommodation and minimum 14 dives for each person.

Unused dives by any guest are Non-Transferable.







ALL INCLUSIVE – full board accommodations with breakfast, lunch, morning &

afternoon snack, a-la-carte dinner, unlimited tea, regular coffee and drinking

water, guided boat dives with NITROX for all paid dives, one self guided house

reef dive per day, round trip airport transfers, all taxes and resort service

charge ($18.00 will be charged directly to guests for night dives & mandarin



NOT INCLUDED – alcohol and soft drinks, massage, land excursions and




All prices in US dollars per person


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Double Cottages

Single Cottage

Extra Bed

Nitrox Surcharge

3 Nights / 5 Dives





4 Nights / 8 Dives





5 Nights / 11 Dives





6 Nights / 14 Dives





7 Nights / 17 Dives





8 Nights / 20 Dives





9 Nights / 22 Dives





10 Nights / 24 Dives





11 Nights / 26 Dives





12 Nights / 28 Dives





13 Nights / 30 Dives





14 Nights / 32 Dives





15 Nights / 34 Dives





16 Nights / 36 Dives





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Double Cottages

Single Cottage

Nitrox Surcharge

3 Nights / 5 Dives




4 Nights / 8 Dives




5 Nights / 11 Dives




6 Nights / 14 Dives




7 Nights / 17 Dives




8 Nights / 20 Dives




9 Nights / 22 Dives




10 Nights / 24 Dives




11 Nights / 26 Dives




12 Nights / 28 Dives




13 Nights / 30 Dives




14 Nights / 32 Dives




15 Nights / 34 Dives




16 Nights / 36 Dives




Whats is included?                                                                                      

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Morning & afternoon snacks
  • Free flow mineral water
  • Free flow brewed coffee & tea
  • Wi-Fi throughout the property
  • Welcome drink & fruit platter
  • Airport escort service on arrival
  • Round-trip transfers
  • 11% government tax

Additonal info
  • Each diving day includes one free self-guided house-reef dive
  • All package diver are by boat a maximum 1:4 guide ratio

Group Discounts
  • Group of 10    = 1 stay and dives for free
  • Group of 14    = 2 stay and dives for free
       * Group 14 discounts is only valid for min. stay of 6 nights/14 dives fo each guest

Invidual travellers

Payment Policy

Deposit = $250 per person 20% whichever is greater
Final Payment = payment must be received in full  45 days prior to arrival

Cancellation Policy

45 days or less = forfeit of all monies received for the booking
46-90 days = deposit will be forfeited
91-180 days = deposit will be refunded minus bank fees and 50% cancellation fee or deposit can be used within 6 months of original arrival date
180 days or more  = deposit will be refunded minus bank fees and 15% cancellation fee or deposit can be used within 6 months of original arrival date


Payment Policy

Deposit = $250 per person or 20%, whichever is greater
Rooming List = rooming list must be received 120 days prior to arrival*
Final Payment = payment must be received in full 60 days prior to arrival.  

*All reserved rooms are considered con firmed upon receipt of the Roomiing list and you are responsible for all rooms reserved, date changes are not permissible from this date forward. If the above guidelines are not adheered to Lembeh Resort reserves the right to release booked rooms

Cancellation policy

60 days or less = forfeit of all monies received for the booking
61 – 120 days = deposit will be forfeited
121 days or more = deposit returned minus 15% cancellation fee and minus bank fees

Additional info
Lembeh Resort requires deposit to secure bookings
Lembeh Resort will hold a reservation for up to seven days to allow time for deposit transaction
If deposit is not received within seven days, all reservations will be subject to release for re-sale
Any unused services for individual and group reservations are non-transferable and non-refundable

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