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Panunee Liveaboard


  Panunee Liveaboard

Panunee Yacht is a 35-meter long yacht offering high-end leisure liveaboard scuba diving adventure. She is constructed and managed by a professional diver team that truly realizes what divers' needs are. Soften your experience with luxurious interior design. Her guests will automatically feel at home. Because your comfort and safety are prioritized as our first awareness, our cruise was carefully operated by the most expert team. The eight privacy cabins and the two suite rooms are located on the main as well as lower decks. Each of them has an individually controlled air conditioning and plenty storage space. The night bathrooms and fresh-water machine can ensure your sanitary along the trip. All facilities were designed to offer extreme comfort and convenience in all ways.

The eight privacy cabins and the two suite rooms are located on the main deck as well as lower deck. Each of them has individually-controlled air conditioning and is equipped with plenty storage space. The night bathrooms and fresh water generator machine would help eusure your hygiene throughout the trip. The widely opened sundeck is furnished with the padded sun bed where you can sit and enjoy refreshing dringks, while soaking in the sun. Panoramic views at our luxurious sun deck will also be engraved on your mind.

The extensive dive deck allows more comfort when gearing up. With over ten years of experiences in catering underwater photographers from all over the world, we know what they need. The light and vast space is offered for them. In addition, you could enjoy marine life's pictures or videos in our multimedia & library room named " Andaman". Various tasty exotic Thai, Chinese, Japanese and European menus are well prepared by our experienced chef and served in the dining room named " Similan". You will be treated with the most hospitable services from our professional crews and dive masters to make your vacation the greatest memory.

"Panunee" and her hospitable crews are waiting to welcome you on board. Let's keep your greatest memory and unforgettable moments by diving with us.

Lower deck - 2 x studios and 4 x deluxe cabins are fully accommodated.

Main deck - Front deck is an accommodation area for 2 suite rooms and 3 deluxe state rooms.Om tje rear deck, a large saloon where you will enjoy various international cuisines is fully fitted with lounge chairs, television, video, and DVD player is to fulfill your valued vacation.

Upper deck - During our smooth ride, lying on a sun lounger under brilliant sunshine while reading cool magazines at the sunbath area will make your relaxation a meaningful one.

Diving facilities - Indeed, Panunee is the Yacht for divers. She offers wide dressing and individual storage areas. 5 rinse hosts are located at the platform. A large dive deck contains 30 fully filled tanks supported by two Bauers air compressors and 4500 psi air bank storage system with 4 fill hoses and 2 x 4.3 meters dinghy with 40 H.P. outboards. Nitrox is also available. The wide platform was designed for more convenient dive entry and exit.

Special For Underwater Photographers / Videographers

Because Panunee Yacht is operated by an underwater photographer team, she completes all underwater photographer / videographer's requirements. 2 studio staterooms are specially designed for them. 110V & 220V sockets are installed in all staterooms, common area as well as photo station at the dive deck.

Each studio stateroom is provided full facilities for their camera / video equipment.

- 11V & 220V sockets for battery charger
- Wide space and Table for camera / video housing preparation
- Blow gun
- Enough light for housing preparation

In addition, you can present your u/w photos to your friends by using our slide projector. For videographers, our multimedia room is also fitted with multi-system video, and DVD player.

Your night dive is more convenient. You can dive back easily by following the light from 2 high voltage spot lights at the dive deck.

Soak tanks at the dive deck are proportionally placed for you housing and our crews are on hand to assist divers with camera gear.

Safety system - Necessary medicine as well as first aid kit are onboard in a ward. Fire extinguishing system and supplementary oxygen tank are provided. The best navigation systems (radar, sounder, VHF and G.S.P.) , 2 x life raft and 2 x dinghy are selected for your more safety and comfort in diving. Most of all, you are entitle to the insurance that covers your entire trip.

Dive Leader - Our experienced dive masters and instructors excel in finding small and rare marine life specimens.


  1. Wheelhouse
  2. Manager Room
  3. "Andaman" Multimedia
  4. Room Lounge
  5. Sun Deck
  6. Diving Deck
  7. "Similan" Dining Room
  8. Deluxe Room
  9. Suite Room
  10. Studio Room
  11. Crew Cabin
  12. Kitchen
  13. Storage
  14. Engine Room
  15. Dive Leader Room
  16. Toiler
  17. Trip Manager Room


Wheelhouse is fully equipped with Furuno radar, Furuno sounder, Furuno GPS, VHF Furuno Radio telephone FM-2710, H.F. Super Star SS-2400 MKll, SSB Kenwood, Inmarset Mini-M Telephone, Satellite telephone, and Closed-circuit televison.




Our multi-media room is fully equipped with 42-inch Samsung plasma screen, multi-media player (DVD & karaoke), and slide projector. It is also a library. After diving you can enjoy our many fish guide books here




Sun deck is the place where you can relax and enjoy taking photographs and sun bathing. It is also a B.B.Q. area ... in the evening.



Lounge is on the upper deck. There are 2 x 12-persons automatic inflatable life rafts here.



Wide bridge is for your more relaxation that you can enjoy your taking photographs.


Light breakfast, 3 full meals of international buffet each day and snacks are served throughout the day in our very large and comfortable dining room. In addition, 29"-television and multi-media player are provided for your entertainment.



2 Suite staterooms are fitted with a queen-size beds, en-suited toilets with hot showers, individual air-conditioners, wardrobes, mirrors, working desks, reading lights, wide storage space and pipe-in music.


7 Deluxe staterooms are fitted with twin beds and individual air-conditioners, wardrobes, mirrors, reading Lights, wide storage space, panoramic windows and pipe-in music.


2 Studio staterooms are specially designed for underwater photographers/ videographers. Twin beds are lifted up for your counter under your beds to equip housings conveniently. Electric sockets are provided for your battery charging. Moreover, we have tank with blow gun to clean and dry your housing in all studio staterooms.



There are 5 toilets with hot shower inside the main deck and 2 toilets outside.


Main Engine = 2 x Man D2842 LE 760 HP 2300 RPM Marine Generator = Man D2866 LE 100 KW 380 V (3 phase, 50 Hz) AC Generator = Stamford



Your water entry and exist are more convenient by our large platform. 2 dinghies are ready to make your diving easier and more safety. There are 5 rinse hoses at the platform. Our 4 Air banks ensure that your relaxation will not be disturbed from loud noise while we are filling air in your tanks. Moreover, there are large soak tanks and counter to place your underwater housing on the dive deck.

Technical Data

Steel And Aluminum
Length 35.0 M
Breath 8 M
Draft (Design) 3.50 M
Maximum Speed 18 Knots
Maximum Passenger 20
Crew Members 10
Water Supply Water Tank = 15,000 Litres
Desalination machine 4,000 litres/day
A/C - Individual control / Voltage 380 / 220 / 110 V, 50hz, 12v DC
Video & Audio Individual control All staterooms and common area
42-inch Samsung Plasma screen, DVD player and slide projector in Andaman room (multi-media room & library) 29-inch television & DVD player in Similan room (Dining room)

Accommodation & Facilities
Stateroom type
Suit 2 with en suite shower toilet each
Deluxe 7
Studio 2 (Special for Photographers / Videographers)
Facilities 9 Hot & Cold Shower toilet (include 2 en suite in suit cabins) Clean Set daily in each shower toilet.

Main Twin Man D2842 LE 760 Hp 2300 RPM MARINE
Gear Box ZF IRM 350 A Ratio 2636 : 1
Generator Twin Man D2866 LE 100 kw 380 V (3 phase, 50 Hz)
AC Generator Stamford

Radar Furuno FR-1942 64 NM range, 6 KW
GPS Furuno color video plotter model GP-1650
Sounder Furuno video sounder model FCV-291, 10-inch color CRT

VHF Furuno Radio telephone FM-2710 (25 w)
H.F. Super Star SS-2400 MK II
SSB Kenwood Kenwood
Satellite Telephone Mini-M Telephone

Life Raft Two x 12-persons automatic inflate
PFDs 40 x Type - I commercial life vests
E.P.I.R.Bs 406 MHz Category 1 automatically deployable
Fire Extinguishing System In engine room and common areas
Oxygen Two DAN portable and two DAN stationary
First aid Comprehensive first aid kits available on board
Emergency Power Lighting, ship communication and navigation system
Accident Insurance

Diving Equipment
Diving Support Boat Two x 4.3 metre R.I.B. with 40 HP Yamaha outboard
Air Compressor Three x electric bauers mariner M II E, 4500-psi , Air bank storage system with 5 fill hoses
Scuba Tank 30 (80) cu.ft., 2 (65) cu.ft. Aluminum with K-value yoke
Weight Belt and 2-lb. Lead weight plenty for everyone
Diving Gear Meres - available for rent on board upon request

IMO Certificates

1. Passenger Ship Safety Certificate# 17-52-007
2. Minimum Safe Manning Certificate # 7.5-46-003
3. Exemption Certificate # 10-52-530
4. Tonnage Certificate # 1-48-041
5. Record of Equipment for the Passenger Ship Safety Equipment Certificate # 17-52-007
6. Certificate of Survey # 9-52-188
7. International Load Line Certificate (1996) # 5-51-292
Tourist License # 12/01094


Unlimited soft drink
International cuisine and snacks
Soak tanks for photography equipment


Cenderawasih - West Papua / Indonesia

Along coastal area of West papua where resembles the shape of a large bird's head, The 1,453,500 hectare Cendrawasih Bay National Park is located in the western part of the bay. The park was declared as a Marine National Park on 2 September 1993 by the Decree of Ministry of Forestry No. 472/Kpts-II/1993. 95 percents of total area is waters (coral and seas) and the rest covers large mainland occupying 68,200 hectares (islands and coast line).  Here are magnificent vertical drops, picturesque hard coral gardens, sponge life and myriads of fish. Dr. Gerald Allen; scientist, calls the Cendrawasih Bay as "The Galapagos of Indonesia's Reefs" . There are variaties of abundant coral reef (fringing reef, barrier reef, atoll, patch reef and shallow water reef) which is are indeed the last of the few remaining pristine reefs in the world.

Over 10,000 years after Pleistocene age, the sea level was come up again and it brought the deep dwelling marine critters from deeper level to shallower level. Other normally deep dwelling marine critters can be seen in the shallower level in Cenderawasih such as the Ornate Angelfish (Genicanthus bellus), Randall's Anthias (Pseudanthias randalli) and Burgess Butterflyfish (Chaetodon burgessi).  These fish are generally found below 50 metres throughout the rest of their range, but can frequently be seen between 20-30 metres in Cenderawasih.

In addition, because of the landscape of the bay, it is provented from outside current. Therefore, the marine critters in here are very unique. Besides, more than 500 species of hard coral in Cenderawasih bay, nearly 10 times of Carribean sea, are found and at least 30% of them have not yet been described. Besides, 15 of the fish species found abundantly on its reefs are found nowhere else on the planet, and a number of others have unusual colour morphs that are completely different to those found outside the bay.

Kawatisore Bay
From time to the horizon of Kawatisore village, a big community of whalesharks (known in local name as Hiniotanibre ) are surrounding the floating fishing platforms (known in local name as "Bagan" ) waiting for their favorite anchovies ( a common kind of baitfish) buffet throughout the day. The fishermen beleive that their gentle giant friends are bringing the good luck to them , therfore they keep some alive anchovies in their fishing nets for their gentle giant friends who always fall in food temptation and keep closing to the floating fishing platforms.

Other dive sites      

There are another 20 dive sites+ from the Pulau Purup in the northwest down to Mioswaar, Roon until Kawatisore in the south of the bay. The historical geology in here creats the unique underwater critters and environment. Starting from shallows to 40 metres , there are several species of fusiliers, schooling red-tooth triggerfish, giant travelly, a mix of reff sharks.

For example

Tanjung Ayami - located on the northeast of Pulau Roon, it is a long ridge of hard coral with few sea fans and soft corals. there is a channel with white sand at the bottom. Inside the channel, schools of barracuda and fusiliers or even "wunderpus octopus " are found here.

Numamuran Strait - At 12 meters on hard coral slope at West side of Pulau Rippon, there is a Zero WWII airplane is resting. After the slop steepens, there are some nice sea fans and soft corals. At 25 metres, there are small coral islands covered by masses of soft corals, sea fans, whips, elephant ear sponges on a white sand bottom.There are not only wide subjects like green turtles , barracuda and surgeonfish , but also marco subjects such as ribbon eels, and uncommon gobies. Bommies surrounded by fusiliers. The more strengthen current, the more marine lifes are coming.

Crissy's Delight in the East Wandammen Peninsula - It is good for macro critters such as small cuttlefish, ghost pipefish, tiger shrimp, allied cowries, and nudibranchs.

Tanjung Mangguar - It is one of the most beautiful and attractive dive sites in Cenderawasih area. The abundance of soft coral and sea whip attracts large numbers of fish such as school of barracuda, rainbow runners and trevally. Moreover, Sharks, Mantas , and Mobular rays are common in this area.

Night dive in here is very fantastic. With the sea grass at the bottom, orange frogfish , pegasus sea moths, various nudibranchs, and much more in front of the village where the stream flows into the bay.

Sample special critters

  • Cenderawasih Wrasse ( Cirrhilabrus Cenderawasih) : typically found in group of 10-20 on slopes.
  • Papuan goby (not yet described ) : Only found in here and lembeh strait.
  • Flasher wrasses (Paracheilinus walton) : only found in here.
  • Cenderawasih Bay Walking shark : :found on shallow reef, sea grass beds. and only in Cenderawasih
  • Papuan gudgeon (Calumia papuensis ) : Tiny fish measures less than 2 cm.
  • Eilperin's gudgeon ( Calumia eilperini ) : known in only Cenderawasih bay.
  • Leatherbacks sea turtle

    and much more


Sample Dive sites   

Namalatu - East of Ambon island            

The name of this beach was taken from the words Nama which means Name and Latu which means King. Wall dive on a nice coral reef with lots of sea fans and gorgonians.
Pintu Kota - East of Ambon island            
This is a well known dive spot in the south, the name can be translated as Gate of the City. On land a giant rock juts out to the sea with a large hole so it forms an arch. Underwater there is also a archway lying at about 15 to 17m and covered with sea fans and gorgonians. On the other side the slope goes down steeply, so you do most of the diving on the arch and finish at its highest point on 7meters. Good wide angle opportunities but also look out for small critters.            

Mahia Cave - East of Ambon island            
Sandy slope with several reefs and a small cave at 30 meter

Hukurila - East of Ambon island  
An example of some amazing underwater architecture - you enter from the top through a hole or chimney in the reef and then have a choice of several swimthroughs. The place is covered in sponges, soft corals and sea fans. Normally good visibility and lots of fish life.

Batu Kapal - Banda island
It is also called " Ship Rock" ..a series of pinnacles that is located on the north west of Pisang. The visibility is more than 30 m. We can see white tip reef charks, grey reef sharks, and Barracuda ..Up on the reef flat, you can drift over limestone covered in gooseberry tunicates, sarcophyton and sinularia leather corals, fire and blue corals. Black and white bicolour chromis flit between the moosehead coral arms, small schools of convict tangs and striped large-eye breams move across their ranges, and oriental sweetlips lurk under the boulders and bommies.

Gunung Api - Banda island      

It is a small volcanic island located to the west of Banda island. Huge fields of table corals and cabbage leaf corals are packed together with other hard coral species filling every available spaces. Large schools of fish cover the reef including snapper, fusilier, batfish, Longnose hawkfish, dogtooth tuna , bluefin trevally and mobula rays            

Palau Ai - Banda island   

It is isloated island to the west of Banda island. Dive sites in this area are walls dive and it is where we can encounter with Hammerhead sharks, also treasure sharks and slivertip shark and mobula rays are occasionally seen here, Barrcuda and bluefin trevally here are in large schools.            

Lava Flow at Gunung Api- Banda island

It has been covered by lava for 25 years ago (Y1988) . It  has been identified as having the world’s fastest-growing table corals, with layer upon layer reaching a span of 3 or 4 metres (10–13ft). Sharks and pelagic species patrol deeper waters, while a myriad of colourful fish swarm coral-encrusted walls

Air Manis  

Here is one of the best muck dive sites in Indonesia. Several giant frogfish , flamboyant cuttlefish, pipefish, ghostpipefish, crionoid clingfish , yellowhead dwarf gobies,and crionoid crabs            

Airport Jetty                      

This dive site is underneath a long pier which lies just past the end of the airport runway. There are always large schools of small fishes and juvenile batfishes between the columns covered with sponges and on the sand you find small critters like nudibranchs, morey eels, lionfishes and sometimes Rhinopias scorpionfishes.

MIddle Point            
A rubble slope with a lot of waving soft corals on the top and special sponges that look like grayish leaves. There is a large coral block with leaffishes and lots of cardinalfishes on about 17m and we got stuck there because there were so many photo opportunities. Some of the cardinalfishes had eggs in their mouth and two pufferfishes were circling and fighting. Further down our guide found a pair of Halimeda Ghostpipefishes (Solenostomus halimeda) nearly invisible among the Halimeda plants and another single one the same color as the special sponges. Part of this dive site was covered with the colorful poisonous sea urchins (Asthenosoma ijimai), some with Coleman shrimps (Periclimenes colemani), some with Zebra crabs (Zebrida adamsi) or both.


Rhino City            
The whole area from Rhino City through the Twilight Zone to Laha 3 is a great place for diving. The dive sites are basically slopes with stones, patches of corals, sponges and soft corals. It seems to be one of the places you regularly find the exquisitely colored Rhinopias scorpionfishes. These beautiful animals come in yellow, blue, red, pink to peach and brown and are actually not very shy. There is a lot of confusion about the three Rhinopias species. In Indonesia you find only the weedy Scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa) and Eschmeyer's Scorpionfish (Rhinopias eschmeyeri). But not the lacy Scorpionfish (Rhinopias aphanes) - that species is only found in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Trip Schedule 2016
Route Code Destination Days / Nights Departure Date Return Date Port In / Out Availabilities
KM1 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 17 Jul 2016 22 Jul 2016 Labuan Bajo 8
KM2 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 24 Jul 2016 29 Jul 2016 Labuan Bajo 10
KM3 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 31 Jul 2016 5 Aug 2016 Labuan Bajo 10
KM4 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 7 Aug 2016 12 Aug 2016 Labuan Bajo 20
KM5 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 14 Aug 2016 19 Aug 2016 Labuan Bajo Chartered
KM6 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 21 Aug 2016 26 Aug 2016 Labuan Bajo 16
KM7 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 28 Aug 2016 2 Sep 2016 Labuan Bajo Tentative chartered
KM8 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 4 Sep 2016 9 Sep 2016 Labuan Bajo 20
KM9 Komodo - North South 6 D / 5 N 11 Sep 2016 16 Sep 2016 Labuan Bajo 6
KMA10 Komodo-Maumere 7 D / 6 N 18 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016 Labuan Bajo-Maumere Chartered
KCA11 Cross route: Maumere-Alor-Banda-Ambon 12 D / 11 N 27 Sep 2016 8 Oct 2016 Maumere - Ambon Chartered
AB12 Ambon-Banda sea 8 D / 7 N 10 Oct 2016 17 Oct 2016 Ambon Chartered
AB13 Ambon-Banda sea 8 D / 7 N 19 Oct 2016 26 Oct 2016 Ambon 0
AB14 Ambon-Banda sea 8 D / 8 N 28 Oct 2016 4 Nov 2016 Ambon Chartered
ACR15 Cross route : Ambon-Banda-Raja Ampat 11 D / 10 N 7 Nov 2016 17 Nov 2016 Ambon - Sorong 6
RA16 Raja Ampat 7 D / 6 N 20 Nov 2016 26 Nov 2016 Sorong 20
RA17 Raja Ampat 7 D / 6 N 27 Nov 2016 3 Dec 2016 Sorong 20
RA18 Raja Ampat 7 D / 6 N 4 Dec 2016 10 Dec 2016 Sorong 20
RA19 Raja Ampat 11 Dec 2016 16-Nov-14 22-Nov-14 Sorong 20

Route Code Dive Destination Price Per Person (Baht)
Suite Deluxe / Studio
AB AMBON - BANDA SEA (6D/6N) 95,500 90,500

Prices are exclusive of...

1. Marine Park fee
2. Port and Habour and Airport transfer Fee
3. Nitrox Fill
4. Rental Equipment
5. Fuel Surcharge, if any
6. Liqours
7. Any other fees, if any

Terms and Condition for Individual Booking and Group (Less than 10 pax) Booking :

Term of Payment

Deposit : at least 30% within 7 days of booking
Final Payment : 45 days prior to departure
Last Minute Booking : 100% payment within 48 hours of booking or prior to boarding for booking made on departure day

Term of Cancellation

More than 90 days prior to departure : Refund of deposit Minus Baht 5,000/pax
90 to 45 days prior departure : Deposit Lost
Less than 45 days prior to departure : No Refund
Note : All cancellation or reservation changes must be in writing.
Terms and Condition for Full Boat Charter or Group ( 10+pax) Booking :

Term of Payment

1st Deposit : 10% non-refundable deposit is required within 7 days of booking. If not received, the cruise will be open for resales.
2nd Deposit : 30% paid at least 120 days prior to departure date
Final Payment : 60% of the total cost at least 45 days prior to departure date
Last Minute Booking : 100% payment within 48 hours of booking or prior to boarding for booking made on departure day

Term of Cancellation

More than 120 days prior to departure date, all payment will be refunded, less the 10% initial deposit
120-45 days prior to departure date, all payment will be refunded less 40% of the total cost
Less than 45 days prior to departure date, no refunds will be made
Note : All cancellation or reservation changes must be in writing.


Flight Details For Cenderawasih 2014

Route No.1 Jakarta (CGK) - Nabire (NBX) : 2014
Day From / To Airline / Flight Departure Time Arrival Time Remark
Mon Jakarta (CGK) - Ambon (AMQ)

Lion Air / JT790 (0 stop )

Lion Air / JT886 (1stop)

Garuda / GA 640 (1 stop)







Ambon (AMQ) - Nabire (NBX) Wings Air (by Lion Air) / IW1600 (0 stop) 1245 1445

Nabire (NBX) - Ambon (AMQ)

Ambon (AMQ) - Jakarta (CGK)

Wings Air (by Lion Air) / IW1601

Lion Air / JT 1787

Garuda / GA 647 (0 stop)








Special Note :     Please check your arrival / departure terminal at Jakarta Airport (CGK) on arrival and return date if you may need to change the terminal to connect domestic flight.

Route No.2 : Surabaya (SUB) - Nabire (NBX) : 2014
Day From / To Airline / Flight Departure Time Arrival Time Remark
FROM SURABAYA(SUB) TO NABIRE (NBX) / Connecting flight / check through baggage


or Mon

Surabaya (SUB) - Ambon (AMQ)

Surabaya (SUB) - Ambon (AMQ)

Lion Air / JT880 (1 stop)

Lion Air/JT886 (o stop)





Check through baggage
Mon Ambon (AMQ) - Nabire (NBX) Wings Air (by Lion Air) /IW1600 1245 1445
Sun Nabire (NBX) - Ambon (AMQ) Wings Air (by Lion Air)/ IW1601 1020 1210 Check through baggage
Ambon (AMQ) - Surabaya (SUB) Lion Air / JT 787 1615 1805

Flight Details For Ambon 2014
Route No.1 Jakarta (CGK) - Ambon (AMQ) : 2014
Day From / To Airline / Flight Departure Time Arrival Time Remark
Sun Jakarta (CGK) - Ambon (AMQ)

Lion Air / JT790 (0 stop )



Lion Air / JT 886 (1 stop) 0510 1155

Route No.2 Surabaya (SUB)- Ambon (AMQ) : 2014
Day From / To Airline / Flight Departure Time Arrival Time Remark
Sat Surabaya (SUB) - Ambon (AMQ) Lion Air / JT 880 (1 stop) 2225 0615+1 Arrive Sunday
Sun Surabaya (SUB) - Ambon (AMQ)

Lion Air / JT886 (0 stop )



Sat Ambon (AMQ) - Surabaya (SUB) JT 791 (1 Stop) 0750 0950
JT887 (0 stop) 1245 1330

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