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Tanjung Puting

Kaimana - Triton - Seram - Misool - Ambon (1211N)


Papua & central Maluku Expedition

  Kaimana - Triton - Seram - Misool - Ambon

This cruise, beginning in West Papua, carries us through what is yet today some of the most secluded corners of the archipelago.  Following a tiny chain of islands we hop from one tropical outpost to the next known for their powder fine white sand beaches.  Cruising Northwest the remote east edge of the Seram Island is an interesting stop to observe the lifestyle and culture of this rarely visited region.  Traveling further to the North, the Southern reaches of the renown Raja Ampat region and Misool Island where a brilliant underwater wonderland unfolds.  Our then Westward journey takes us back to the North coast of Seram where the unique waterborne lifestyles of the sea gypsies are observed.  Our onward journey to Ambon finds us enjoying the pleasures a lovely group of small islands…a signature of the Archipelago highlighting another voyage into remote and hidden places.



Dec 16 - Dec 27, 2014

Day 1

Upon arrival in Kaimana we transfer to the harbor and board the Ombak Putih. After we have settled in on board and have finished all of the adminstrational matters we will leave the harbor and set sail to the beautiful Triton Bay through the Namatote passage. Namatote’s cliffs are also well known as a gallery of prehistoric art, boasting an impressive collection of cave paintings, glyphs and pictorial signs left by ancient nomads high on the rock walls.

Day 2

Few areas in Indonesia can lay claim to such unsurpassed natural splendor of Triton Bay. Time and tides have cut the limestone landscape into tall cliffs and numerous islands separated by lagoons and narrow channels. We will spend our time here swimming from secluded beaches, snorkeling the vibrant turquoise waters and kayaking amongst the rocky outcrops. We can also enjoy watching for bird life from the comfort of our tenders as we explore this extraordinary maze of karst islands. Visit the village of Lobo at the feet of towering cliffs

Day 3

We make the most of our last morning in Triton bay amongst the undisturbed coves, caves, and lagoons before we set sail towards Kiti Kiti

Day 4

Today we wake up to the unique site of Kiti Kiti waterfall. Here, in complete wilderness, a roaring river cascades down the jungle-clad mountains and crashes into the sea below. We can swim under the waterfall and explore the extraordinary reefs nearby before journeying on to The Gorong island Group.

Day 5

Today we will drop the anchor in front of the village of Amar Sekaru on the North cost of Manawoka island. The local “raja” will welcome us and the villagers will happily guide us through their beautiful plantations. With a bit of luck we will witness a special performance by the local magician if he is at home. After lunch on the boat we will make a short trek to the little lakes of Isol, here fresh water meets with the ocean creating a great breathing ground for all kinds of fish. We can snorkel a long way inwards through the fresh and relative cold water. In the evening we will set sail for the main island of Seram.

Day 6

This morning we will explore the north east coast of Seram, we visit a local village called Hoti where the locals will demonstrate the production sago. Sago is a staple food in the Maluku regency; it is produced from the heart of the sago palms that are scattered all over the islands. In the afternoon we set sail for the island of Misool.

Day 7

Today we base ourselves at the Farondi Island group south of the island of Misool. After breakfast we use the tender to go birding, swimming snorkeling or just exploring the surroundings that are truly magnificent. In the afternoon we reach the East coast of Misool Island. Few areas in Indonesia can lay claim to such unsurpassed natural beauty as this part of the Misool archipelago. We will spend a quit night at anchor in the bay of Tomolol.

Day 8

After an early breakfast our tenders will take us in to the heart of the bay to see the beautiful Tomolol Cave where we can swim, snorkel and enjoy this unique feature. The adventurous members can swim all the way through the twilight darkness to reach the other entrance of the cave. Back onboard we move a little further south to the archipelago that extends south from Tomolol Bay, yet another large cluster of uninhabited islands. We will spend another splendid day using our tenders to explore the beaches and the reefs. In the evening we will set sail back to the main island of Seram.

Day 9

Today we visit Pulau Tujuh area, a small cluster of seven islands just north from Seram. We spend the day exploring the different islands from the tenders if time allows we will visit one of the nearby villages on the mainland to witness the fertile grounds of Seram where every fruit, vegetable and spice seems to grow to extraordinary sizes.

Day 10

We will arrive at the west coast of Seram, where we visit a settlement of the Bajau…the ‘Sea Gypsies’ who live in houses built in shallow water on wooden stilts that maintain their “island” community high and dry during the high tide. Originally from Sulawesi and formerly fully nomadic and living on their boats, nowadays, the Bajau often occupy more permanent settlements.

Day 11

The last full day of this cruise we will spend at Pulau Tiga, three beautiful islands close to Ambon bay. We will have a last chance to snorkel and relax around the deserted beaches before we make or way to Ambon

Day 12

Our last morning, as we prepare to say goodbye, should time permit we will have a tour of the city of Ambon and its surroundings before being transferred to the airport or hotel in the area. Harbor.


Participants should be aware that itinerary and program of our sea voyages occasionally may have to be modified, due to factors beyond our control : unfavorable weather conditions, delay in processing harbour clearances, modified schedules of domestic flights. We will adjust the program accordingly in the best interest of all.

Please note that the domestic flights are not included in the price.

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