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Tanjung Puting

Ambon - Buru - Sula - Banngai - Kendari (12D11N)


Sorong - Raja Ampat - Sorong

This cruise will bring us to some of the most remote islands of the archipelago, making stopovers on a leisurely passage from Ambon to the east coast of the spider like island of Sulawesi. We follow the island bridging ancient sailing routes of the wind driven trading schooners as they sold and traded their goods across the Archipelago. In these times we find ourselves revelling in the striking beauty of fauna and flora of the islands coupled with their shimmering white beaches, magnificent coral gardens and marine life. Next to that we indulge in the diverse local culture on the most secluded islands of Maluku. We disembark in Kendari on the island of Sulawesi, home to the famous Buginese shipbuilders.





Dec 31 - Jan 11, 2015

Day 1

Upon our arrival in Ambon, the capital of central Maluku province, you will transfer to our Phinisi Schooner Ombak Putih. After a refreshing welcome drink, you will settle in your ensuite cabin and sail from the bay of Ambon, one of the most beautiful natural harbors of Indonesia. Before proceeding to Manipa, we will find a quiet beach, take some time to refresh ourselves in the clear waters of the Banda Sea, enjoy the sunset and our first dinner on board.

Day 2

Today We will stop at the remote island of Manipa. There are still some remaining fortresses here. In the village of Tumalehu we will witness sago processing. Sago, a powdery substance which is won from the heart of the sago palm, is a staple food all over the Moluccas and Papua.

Day 3

We will awake in the Bay of Tayeti, Buru. Buru is a scarcely populated, rugged, remote and mountainous island. After visiting a distillery for kayu putih oil (known for its antiseptic qualities) for which Buru is famous, we may choose to explore up-river aboard a local boat allowing us to experience hornbills wildly flapping their wings, women washing clothes, children jumping and splashing, and houses on stilts. We can go ashore to visit a resettlement village where transmigrates from Java, Bali, and Lombok are building a new life on this former political detainee’s island.

We will certainly find an opportunity to relax and swim before evening refreshments and dinner. Perhaps the crew will entertain us with an evening of song and dance.

Day 4

Our next island stop is Mangoli. The best anchorage is in the Bay of Vesuvius. We go ashore at a small village called Auponhia. We will meet the village head, pay our respects and ask permission for taking a walk along the river and the village gardens. Hordes of singing children likely will accompany us, along with shrieking parrots or other birds.

Day 5

Arrival at Taliabu, the third island of the Sula Archipelago. Here we will take a walk into one of the villages in the interior, The people here are semi-nomads. Their traditional dance and singing is known as the Yusa and if sufficient performers are around we may witness a demonstration of the local culture. Here the people are also known for their weaving. In the afternoon we will explore the island coastline stopping at interesting points enroute to Pulau Limbo for snorkeling and a look at the local coral. From here, the ship will sail Westward to the Bowokan and Banggai Islands.

Day 6

The grouping of dozens of large and tiny islands of Banngai is an unusual exploration opportunity. Today we will visit the main island, here we will enjoy a comfortably paced tour of the sites on the island in a becak (pedicab).

Day 7

This morning we visit a Bugis settlement in the Northwest bay of Banngai after that we have another great snorkelling sessionsended by a Beach BBQ under the starts on a perfect white sand beach.

Day 8 & 9

These two days we spend to head south to explore more of the rarely visited islands, we will visit settlements of fisherman that make temporary camps here during the best months of the season. They will tell us their many stories and lead us around their beautiful islands.

Day 10

Once again we depart in the morning this time we sail to Sago island If the tide allows we will visit the village before we have a fantastic snorkelling sessions at one of the coral drop offs of the island, early afternoon we set sail towards Padea island.

Day 11

This morning we visit the island of Padea Kecil where we have a last great snorkel opportunity before we set sail to Kendari Bay where we will have our farewell party with the crew.

Day 12

This morning we say goodbye to the crew and your recent water borne home and be transferred to the airport.

Participants should be aware that itinerary and program of our sea voyages occasionally may have to be modified, due to factors beyond our control : unfavorable weather conditions, delay in processing harbour clearances, modified schedules of domestic flights. We will adjust the program accordingly in the best interest of all.

Please note that the domestic flights are not included in the price.

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