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Viajes Bali - Flores - Komodo - Sumbawa - Lombok - Bali (9DN8N)


Bali – Flores - Komodo - Sumbawa - Lombok - Bali

This 9-day cruise is a round-trip which embarks from Flores we witness a cacidance in Flores, explore the Komodo National Park, see bugis boatbuilding in Sumbawa and cultural variety of the Sasak traditions of Lombok and much more. The Komodo National park archipelago is not only known as the home of the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, but also for the incredible marine diversity found in the rich, current-swept reefs and open water surrounding it. This trip will let you experience the cultural and natural diversity of the Lesser Sunda Islands.



Apr 21 - Apr 29, 2015

May 13 - May 21, 2015

Jun 9 - Jun 17, 2015

Jul 13 - Jul 21, 2015

Aug 8 - Aug 16, 2015

Sep 7 - Sep 15, 2014

Day 1

We start from the airport in Bali with an early flight morning flight towards Labuan Bajo on Flores island. Upon arrival we will go to the village of Melo to attend a performance of the traditional ‘whipdance’, a test of daring and skill for which the men of the Western portion of Flores are famous. Two men, protected by rattan shields, accompanied by an orchestra of local instruments, hit each other fiercely with a rattan whip. Lightning quick moves defend each from the objective…to inflict a wound on the back of the other. The winner is loudly applauded and cheered. Upon return we embark the vessel. After a few hours of sailing we will stop at the small island of Kelor to swim and snorkel and visit the adjacent island of Kukusan where we meet a settlement of the Bajau people. These ‘sea gypsies’ live in houses on stilts over the water. Originally from Sulawesi and formerly fully nomadic, living on their boats, nowadays the Bajau often occupy more permanent settlements.

Day 2

Today we will visit the ranger station of Loh Buaya on Rinca Island for a first possible encounter with the famous Komodo dragons. This dry and rugged island is well-known for its diverse wildlife. Apart from dragons, we may spot monkeys, wild buffaloes and deer. From the top of the hills, the scenery is spectacular. In the afternoon we go to one of the beaches nearby for some excellent snorkeling.

Day 3

We wake up with the boat at anchor off Komodo Island, one of eighty odd islands of Komodo National Park. We will go ashore at the ranger station in Loh Liang for an early morning ranger guided trek through the Park searching for the Komodo Lizards. In the setting of a dry and rugged landscape we will meet these intimidating creatures that are obviously misplaced in today’s world. After re-embarking we will sail to a beach, called ‘red-beach’ because of the particles of red coral mingled with the sand. Here we will swim and snorkel over one of the ‘richest’ reefs in Eastern Indonesia. We will be stunned by the incredible variety of coral and fish on display underneath our arms and legs. Later in the afternoon we will make a stop at Makassar reef where somethimes at the right consitiones Manta rays can be spotted while snorkeling.

Day 4

Today we spend the whole day ashore at the Island of Gili Lawa Darat. Early risers can choose to make the 45 minutes trek up the hill of the island and have a beautiful view of the whole national park as the sun rizes above it. This is a magnificent place for snorkeling or to make use of the paddleboards onboard.

Day 5

TIn the morning we have our breakfast off the beach of Gili Banta, uninhabited and perfect for some excellent swimming and snorkeling. Following this daily excursion among underwater creatures, we will proceed to the east coast of Sumbawa to visit the village of Wera. Wera is a Buginese settlement famous for its boatbuilding. Here we will see various types and sizes of traditional styled craft in various stages of construction. Many of the centuries old construction techniques are retained today and are examples of the way our schooners were built in recent years. We will stroll through the village and enjoy the our time with the friendly local people. Night sailing headed west.

Day 6

Today we’ll set foot on the island of Satonda with its stunning crater-lake and beautiful coral gardens along the coast line. Located just a couple of miles off the north-west coast of Sumbawa, Satonda is what remained of an extinct volcano of which the caldera was filled with water when nearby Mount Tambora erupted in 1815. This was the biggest volcanic eruption in the collective memory of mankind, much larger than Krakatoa. With an estimated volume of 160 cubic kilometers of rocks and ash ejected from the volcano the following year became known as the “year without a summer” because of the effect on North American and European weather.

Day 7

This mrning we explore Moyo island. At where we spend a few hours relaxing, swimming and snorkeling during lunch we set sail towards Bungin island, a small settlement of ‘sea-gypsies’ (bajao) on the coast of Sumbawa. We stroll through narrow streets lined up by houses on stilts that are underwater at spring tides. Here we witness a first performance of traditional music and dance.

Day 8

Docked in Lombok, after breakfast we will board a local coach for a tour into the interior of east Lombok, untouched by the crowds. We will visit local traditional villages, and experience the culture of the Sasak people that are indigenous to the island. After re-embarkation if time allows we explore one of the local reefs close to the area.

Day 9

The last day on aboard begins with a relaxing morning on a desert beach at Gili Nanggu (just off the coast of southwest Lombok),our last opportunity for snorkeling and enjoying the warm equatorial waters. Midday will mark our departure sail back to Bali with lunch and time to pack. In Serangan east Bali, we will disembark and say goodbye to the crew of the Katharina and see you off to your next destination

Participants should be aware that itinerary and program of our sea voyages occasionally may have to be modified, due to factors beyond our control : unfavorable weather conditions, delay in processing harbour clearances, modified schedules of domestic flights. We will adjust the program accordingly in the best interest of all.

Please note that the domestic flights are not included in the price.

The price is subject to change. Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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