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Tanjung Puting

Ambon - Lease Island - Banda - Ambon (8D6N)


A Circle of Spice Culinary Adventure with Janet De Neefe

  Maumere - Lease Island - Banda - Ambon


The Moluccas (better known as the Spice Islands) have been a magic destination for over 10 centuries. The first seafarers to explore the region, as early as the 8th century, were Chinese, later followed by the Arabs in the 1200s. In fact, the name Maluku is thought to have been derived from the Arab trader’s term for the region, Jazirat al-Muluk ‘‘the island of the kings.” What the Arab traders brought back to their home ports, were exotic spices: cloves, mace and nutmeg. These were sold to Venetian merchants and became known in Europe as “the nuts from Muscat”.

Because of the high value of these spices in Europe and the large profits they generated, many adventurers followed in the wake of the Chinese and the Arabs… first Portuguese and later Dutch and British. This extraordinary adventure will be further enhanced by the spicy lectures and Culinary workshops from Janet de Neefe. Janet is the owner of Casa Luna, Indus and Bar Luna Basement and Founder & Director of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. Melbourne raised, Janet has lived in Ubud,Bali since 1984. Her love of Balinese and Indonesian cooking inspired two books, Fragrant Rice and Bali, the Food of My Island Hom

DEPARTURES NOV 21 - 28, 2015

Day 1

This morning we will pick you up from your hotel or the airport and transfer you to Ambon harbour for embarkation on board ‘Ombak Putih’. After you are settled we will have a quick briefing, before Janet and our professional guides will take you to the town for a visit of the local market. we will have lunch at a local restaurant to try some of the local specialities.

Ambon was the centre of the historic Dutch clove monopoly and continues, to be a commercial centre and the seat of the Moluccan government today. Apart from being a spice hub Ambon is one of the biggest hubs for fish and seafood in the area. After lunch we will embark the Ombak Putih again we set sail and enjoy the view of Ambon bay around us while our chefs, and Janet will give you the change to help prepare the first dinner of the cruise.

Offcourse you can choose to sit back, relax and watch the sunset instead.

Day 2

Today we will arrive at the remote island of Manipa.

We will visit a distillery for kayu putih oil (similar to “eucalyptus” and known for its antiseptic qualities) for which the area is famous. We explore the village to learn more about the local life and their diet and specialities.

During lunch we set sail for the Pulau Tiga Island for some exceptional snorkelling and beachcombing.
In the evening we will enjoy and talk more about all the culinary items that Indonesia has to offer and their rich history.

Day 3

Our next destination is the island of Nusa Laut. This is the smallest of the Lease islands to which also Ambon and Saparua belong. Nusa Laut is rarely frequented by outsiders.
We will see how life in the villages still reflect some of the custom of the forefathers, the island is still filled with, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon trees and sago palms, and an abundance of fruits.

The sago palm produces a flour that is the biggest staple food in the area, it is used in many dishes the most famous one is called papeda. Apart from that the palm is used as building material for roofs and bricks, the villagers will show us the process of distrecting the flour from the three.

In the afternoon we will be warmly welcomed by one of the the local villages; they will show us around and will prepare a feast of local dishes for us right on the beach.

Day 4

This morning is dedicated to exploring Saparua, one of the former strongholds of the Dutch in colonial times. In the early 19th century Fort Duurstede, located in the heart of Saparua, was attacked and conquered by Pattimura, one of the heroes of Indonesia.

This story is told in the museum inside the fort in a realistic diorama. The island boasts a vibrant morning market where we can discover exotic ingredients and stock up on fresh supplies

In the afternoon we pay a visit to a local earthenware-pottery maker.

Day 5

Our arrival in the renowned Banda Archipelago generates a true sense of historical excitement. These Islands, world famous for their natural beauty and cultural heritage from the time the Portuguese/Dutch/English colonization era, are among the highlights of Indonesia. The flow of nutmeg, mace and cloves from the Bandas and Ternate to the West, can be traced to destinations around the world dating from several centuries BC. The Spice Islands dramatic and difficult history is well documented through these times. The current, quiet colonial ambiance, coupled with world class biodiversity, makes this destination special. We will anchor near the hacienda style colonial era hotel in Bandanaira, the only (small) city of Banda. . We will stroll through the city, visit old fortresses and admire the planters’ mansions from the old days.

Day 6 & 7

These days will be filled with visits to a few of the other islands of the archipelago, perhaps Run, Ai, and Hatta where we will see what remains of the ancient plantations, churches and cemeteries. We will breathe the atmosphere of the time that the Banda youth were sent to the most expensive boarding schools of Europe and dream about the splendid, but short-lived glory during this remarkable episode in world history. We should be able to see how the nutmeg trees are still grown today, learning about their harvesting, hopefully taste some of the dried fruit of the nutmeg tree and enjoy baked goods flavored with fresh mace and nutmeg. We will also have several opportunities to explore the pristine waters and bountiful reefs of the islands. We will then proceed from Banda northeast, perhaps with a war canoe called a kora-kora, escorting our departure out of the harbor in the direction of Ambon.

Day 8

After breakfast we say goodbye to the crew and your home of the past few days. Your transport will comfortably move you to the Ambon airport for your onward travel.

Participants should be aware that itinerary and program of our sea voyages occasionally may have to be modified, due to factors beyond our control : unfavorable weather conditions, delay in processing harbour clearances, modified schedules of domestic flights. We will adjust the program accordingly in the best interest of all.

Please note that the domestic flights are not included in the price.

The price is subject to change. Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


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