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Triton Bay Divers


Triton Bay Divers

Get ready to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility above and below the waves on Aiduma Island with Triton Bay Divers!

Step back in time and imagine what Indonesia was like 40 years ago. This is how locals from other parts of the country describe the region of Kaimana and Triton Bay, still unspoiled by shopping malls and traffic jams.

Now take a boat ride away from the main town of Kaimana and you will start your adventure to a world untouched and waiting to be explored.

In 2008 the Kaimana Regency was declared a Marine Protected Area and our resort is just minutes from some of the best dives sites in Triton Bay and the Iris Strait. With only a few liveaboards ever reaching this area you will be one of only a very few to experience the wonders that lay beneath the waves.

We are the only dive resort in the area and with just 4 spacious detached bungalows, (with 2 further planned) we aim to offer a very personalized service and a holiday never to be forgotten.

We look forward to welcoming you to Triton Bay Divers!


The resort’s 4 spacious bungalows, all with sea views, are able to sleep up to 3 people comfortably. At the end of your day relax on your deck or enjoy a hot water shower in your private garden bathroom.

Each room is equipped with a large ceiling fan and designed with “natural” air conditioning in mind. There is a desk with extra (220v) power sockets, allowing you to download and view your photos whilst charging your camera in preparation for your next day of diving.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have 24 hour electricity available, but are planning to install solar panels in the not to distant future. Electricity will also available all day in the photography room, should you find you just could not stop snapping away and need to recharge your cameras between dives.

We are conscious of our environmental foot-print and have built the resort using sustainable natural local materials which blend in with the tropical surroundings. Any wood from trees that had to be removed has been utilized elsewhere throughout the resort using local craftsmen and traditional techniques whilst still allowing for a modern touch.


Dining & Relaxation

Enjoy three delicious meals plus a local snack in the afternoon every day in our spacious open air dining room, which is designed to make you feel at one with nature. Eat, chat and hangout with new friends or simply relax between dives watching the waves lapping on the beach.

There is free coffee, tea and water available all day. Soft drinks and beer are also available at the bar and will be billed to your room. If you prefer something a little stronger we recommend you bring in duty free as most alcohol and spirits are not permitted in this part of Papua.

Dive Center

Our Dive Center is located at the far end of the beach and inside you will find your own personal storage area where your dive equipment will be kept during your stay.


Like you, we love taking photos during our dive vacations to show friends and family, hang on our walls or even enter a photography competition or two. So rather than hiding out in your room between dives you will find a small dedicated room next to the main dining area which is available for setting up and charging your camera equipment during your stay. Alternatively why not share your photos with friends in our open air dining room.

We also have a small selection of marine life books available.


Where are we? We are located approximately 30 nautical miles from the town of Kaimana in the Indonesian province of West Papua, previously known as West Irian Jaya, on the western peninsula of the island of New Guinea. The most direct route is to fly from Jakarta to Ambon and then transit in Ambon to Kaimana. Currently Lion Air is the only airline servicing this route. It may seem like a long way from anywhere, but believe me once you arrive you will not be disappointed. The area is beautiful both above and below the water.  Our location is indicated on the Google map above.  Just click the minus sign to see where we are in relation to Asia and the rest of the world. Triton Bay is one of three regions in Indonesia’s West Papua province that comprise the Bird’s Head Seascape (the other two are Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay), which is now considered by marine biologists to be the epicenter of the Coral Triangle and which contains more fish and coral species than anywhere else on the planet.

How to Get Here and What to Expect During Your Journey
International and Domestic Flights Currently the best route to Triton Bay is to fly via Jakarta and Ambon to the town of Kaimana (KNG), West Papua. If you have not already arranged an entry visa you will need to locate the Visa on Arrival desk (now USD 35 effective July 3, 2014)  as you enter the terminal building and before immigration. Flights leaving Jakarta for Kaimana depart around 1:30am, so if you arrive early the same day and don’t want to spend time in Jakarta itself, you may want to check into an airport hotel to relax a little before your onward journey. We recommend the Airport Hotel Jakarta due to its convenient location upstairs from the arrival gate. If you stay there, they can arrange the transfer to the domestic terminal for you. Alternatively there is the FM7 Resort Hotel Jakarta which is also close to the airport and they also arrange transfers. if you choose not to check into an airport hotel or head into town, stay in the international terminal as long as you can as the restaurants and facilities are better there. Check-in for the domestic flight usually leaves from Terminal 1A, which can be reached by a free shuttle bus or taxi. If you have a lot of luggage, the shuttle bus can be a little tricky so we would recommend a taxi. As mentioned Lion Air/Wings are the only airline currently flying to Kaimana. However, Garuda Indonesia is expected to operate shortly. Lion Air/Wings flies to Kaimana 7 days per week, but we recommend flying in on either Friday or Saturday in order to benefit from the scheduled speed boat over to the resort, which is already included in your package.  However, if you would rather arrive on a different day of the week alternative transportation can be arranged but will be charged at Euro 100 per trip due to the high fuel costs in this region.. Please note that the luggage allowance on flights from Jakarta to Ambon is 15kg per passenger. However, on Wings from Ambon to Kaimana the allowance is only 10kg. Excess luggage is approximately 25,000 Rp per kilo and will be paid for both legs when you check in at Jakarta and Kaimana. For those that have not yet experienced the Indonesian way of flying with Excess Luggage, the check in desk in Jakarta will give you a note which you will need to take to the Lion Air Excess Luggage window to pay. You will need Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Once you have paid they will give you a receipt that you take back to the same check in desk and then you will receive your tickets. Don’t queue up again! Just head to the front of the line. Domestic airport tax from Jakarta is 40,000 Rp – again this needs to be paid in local currency. All flights transit through Ambon, and transit times are generally very short.  There is very little to do at Ambon airport so keep the transit time as short as possible! I would recommend a minimum of 1 hour.  On arrival into Ambon, even though you already appear to have an onward ticket to Kaimana, you will need to go to the small transit desk (where everyone is gathered) between the luggage hall and transit lounge. Here they will take your original ticket and give you a new one… Same seat and everything! Then you will make your way to the lounge passing through security again. For the short Wings Air flight from Ambon to Kaimana the space for your hand luggage is very limited and they may ask you to put your bag in the back of the plane as you board. Just tell them it is fragile and hopefully they will treat it a little more carefully. There will not be a tag/label on your bag so when you disembark you should wait and they will hand it back to you before you head to the terminal building. On most days the flight from Ambon to Kaimana stops off very briefly in Fak Fak, but you do not need to get off the plane. If you are flying in from Sorong, there are flights via fak fak on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. All other days you fly via Ambon.

On Arrival at Kaimana
Expect to arrive in Kaimana any time between 10 and 11am, where you will be met by a member of the Triton Bay Divers team who will assist you with your luggage.  A car will transport you to our boat, which will be waiting in a small, calm bay close to the airport. Depending on the tide, you may have to walk out in ankle deep water to board. Complimentary water will be available on board, and though the boat is covered, you may want to have sunscreen and sunglasses on-hand. Sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful scenery. If you are lucky you may even see a pod of dolphins, or catch a glimpse of the resident Bryde’s whale population which are known to frequent the area. Depending on the weather conditions you may also have an opportunity to view the ancient rock art near Namatota Island. The boat journey to Triton Bay Divers takes approximately 1.5 hours so we recommend you take a bathroom break either on your flight over to Kaimana or at the airport on arrival, as there are no toilet facilities on the boat unfortunately. On arrival at the resort you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink and, after settling into your rooms, some well deserved lunch!


Diving Sites

In 2008 Kaimana Regency declared a 6000 sq km Marine Protected Area around the waters of Kaimana and Triton Bay. This area offers something for everyone, whether you like big or small, it has it all. And best of all you will be one of only a few divers enjoying the waters in the area.

The type of dive sites around Triton Bay range from sheltered, soft coral gardens in the Iris Straight (the body of water between Aiduma Island and the mainland), to hard coral sites on the west and south-east side of Aiduma.  The dive sites are usually not deeper than 20m, with water temperature of 29 degrees Celsius during the diving season and dropping down to 24 degrees during the eastern monsoon (June ~ Sept). Visibility can vary considerably but averages between 10 ~ 15 meters. Early morning is the best time to dive as visibility is better and currents do pick up in the afternoon.

Almost all of the marine creatures found in other parts of Indonesia, too numerous to list, can be found here. In addition, the region boasts a number of species found nowhere else, such as the Triton Bay walking shark (Hemiscyllium henryi), and the beautiful Nursalim flasher wrasse, which outside of Triton Bay can only be found in Misool, south Raja Ampat.

A very recent development, and perhaps the most exciting attraction for the region, is that the local Papuan fishermen have succeeded in consistently attracting whale sharks to their bagans, or fishing platforms! Unlike in Cenderawasih Bay where the whale sharks are seasonal, the ones in Triton Bay seem to be there year round. We have also seen pods of dolphins and marlin around these platforms. Triton Bay Divers will arrange for one whale shark dive/snorkel trip for our guests as part of their package, usually very early in the morning, however please be aware that we can NOT guarantee that whale sharks will be seen…

Dive Sites

There are between 20~30 known dives sites around Triton Bay, and possibly just as many yet to be discovered.  The better known of these sites were discovered by the Conservation International survey team in 2006, but there are a few that we like to think are known only to us!  Indeed, the region is so rarely visited that we are still doing exploratory dives!

These dive sites are located in three main areas:

- Within the bay itself, which includes sites such as Walker Reef.
- Within the Iris Straight, with sites full of soft coral such as Little Komodo and Bo’s Rainbow.
- On the west side and south-east tip of Aiduma, with yet unnamed, open ocean sites that feature more hard coral.

Below are brief descriptions of a few of the better known sites:

Little Komodo

One of Triton Bay’s signature dives, Little Komodo is located within the Iris Straight and is less than 10 minutes away from the resort. It has beautiful soft coral gardens with bommies that are home to anthias, fusiliers, damselfish, and sweetlips. Max depth around 15m and can be dove in any current as the bay is sheltered.


Bo’s Rainbow

Bo’s Rainbow
is just off a small island in the Iris Straight and is very close to Little Komodo, and because of this the two sites share the same underwater topography, ie., beautiful soft coral on bommies and max depth around 15m. The site is suitable for both macro and wide-angle photography. If there is strong current, divers can stay within the protected side of the island.

Larry’s Dive Heaven

This site on the ocean side of Aiduma was named in memory of the late Larry Smith. Most of the diving is between 12~20m, but to the west there is a drop-off that goes into the deep.  We’ve seen large schools of surgeonfish, bumphead parrotfish, barracuda, turtles, and some very large Napoleon wrasse!

Christmas Rock
or Disneyland

Near the south-east tip of Aiduma, this small rock is densely packed with schools of fusiliers, yellow snapper, surgeonfish, sweetlips, and anthias. The site levels out around 20m, where there is a large field of garden eels, and towards the south-east the seabed is full of soft coral and numerous triggerfish hiding in the cracks along the botton.

Flasher Beach

Flasher Beach is located on a little island that sits by itself in the middle of the ocean outside of Triton Bay and north-west of Aiduma. The beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the area, with a wide and very gradual sloping bottom, and was named because of the beautiful Flasher Wrasse that are seen here. Flasher wrasse are the most colorful of all reef fish and are so named because of the mating displays by males during the late afternoon. Also among the rubble are many different species of gobies, as well as some very beautiful coral bommies!

Walker Reef

Located in the middle of Triton Bay, Walker Reef is where the species of walking shark endemic to Triton Bay, Hemiscyillum henryi, was first seen in 2006. Walking sharks, also known as epaulette sharks, are a small species usually less than 1 m in length and have spots throughout their bodies. They are nocturnal and “walk” along the bottom with their fins.


Triton Bay Divers is now officially open and we are accepting reservations now. Please feel free to inquire about availability.

We have designed our diving packages around guests arriving in Kaimana on Saturday, and leaving the following Saturday. This leaves a full 5 days of diving, with up to 3 dives per day, and one day to off-gas. Additional dives, including night or sunset dives, will be charged separately with a supplement of 5 Euros per dive and are not included in the basic package.

If you are interested in staying for a period of time that is different than the package listed below, please contact us to request a quotation and we will endeavor to accommodate you.  However, please note that Kaimana-to-resort transfers outside of our usual Saturday pickup/return will be charged at Euro 100 per trip, the cost of which can be shared between the passengers.


Please note we will be closed between June to mid-Sept due to unfavorable weather.

  Sep 2015 ~ June 2016 Rates for 7 nights, in EUROS, per person. 21% hotel tax INCLUDED

2 Tank Packages for 10 Dives
3 Tank Package for 15 Dives
Non Diver
Single Occupancy 2,200   2,400   1,800
Double Occupance
1,730 1,925 1,350



Several rooms can accommodate a third person. Price available upon request

Sep 2016 ~ June 2017 Rates for 7 nights, in EUROS, per person. 21% hotel tax INCLUDED.

2 Tank Packages for 10 Dives
3 Tank Package for 15 Dives
Non Diver
Single Occupancy 2,300   2,475   1,925
Double Occupance
1,775 1,950 1,400



Several rooms can accommodate a third person. Price available upon request

A la carte diving and transfer rates. Taxes, if applicable, are not included.

Pricing Details
Single Tank
40 Euros
Night/Sunset Dive Supplement 5 Euros per dive. Minimum of 2 divers required
Unscheduled Transfers
120 Euros per pickup or drop-off.



Unused dives for any package are non-transferable and non-refundable.
All rates are in EUROS and are subject to change.

Note: we will accept USD and Indonesian Rupiah and will use the current exchange rate at time of reservation.


- Packages include:

  • Round trip transfers from Kaimana airport to resort on Saturdays
  • Full board accommodation including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner
  • Unlimited regular coffee, tea and water.
  • 2 or 3 boat dives per day (depending on your package) – includes tanks and weights only. Additional dives, including night or sunset dives, will be charged separately. A minimum of 2 divers is required for a night dive.
  • 1 snorkel or dive with whale shark  (in season)

- Not Included in the packages:

  • Marine park fees
  • Soft drinks, fruit juices, and alcoholic beverages
  • Land and boat excursions
  • Massage
  • Gratuities

Reservation Policy

All reservations and inquiries are to be made by email to Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla  

  • Travel dates
  • Package type
  • Number of divers/non divers
  • Room type (single, twin, double, extra bed)
  • First and last name of all guests
  • Any special dietary requirements and/or physical limitations
  • Any dive equipment requirements

Deposit Requirement
– Triton Bay Divers requires a deposit to secure bookings. We will hold a reservation for up to seven days to allow time for the deposit transaction to be processed. If deposit is not received within seven days, all held room and boat arrangements will be subject to release for re-sale. The deposit is Euro 200 per person or 20% of the total invoice, whichever is greater.

Final Payment
– Balance due for all bookings is required 45 days before arrival. For bookings made with less than 45 days before arrival, full payment is required within seven days of reservation.

Group Discount Policy:

  • Group of 10 divers – 1 guest free of charge for diving and accommodation on full board basis.
  • Unused dives by any guest are non-transferable.

Return Guest Discount
is available. We would love to have you back!


Rates and information are subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions apply.

The price is subject to change. Please Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla for more information.

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