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Tanjung Puting

S/Y Lamima





S/Y Lamima


Type Keth
Custom Built By Haji Baso and Haji Saka
Architect and Design Marcelo Pena Yacht DesignFlag
Length Overall 65.2 m
Beam 11.20 m 
Draft 3.70 Meter
Rigging Marine Result, United Kingdom
Sails  North Sails 1277 M²
Main Engine Man 1000 hp/735 kW
Generators Kohler 3 x 50 kW, 1 x 25 kW
Max Speed 12 Knots
Cruising Speed 10 Knots


Year Built 2014
Classification * RINA and LY2 compliant
Hull Construction Iron Wood
Deck Teak
Superstructure Teak

14 guests - 1 double master cabin (ensuite & dressing room) 4 double cabins (ensuite) 2 twin cabins (ensuite)

Crew 19
Flag Indonesian
Fuel Capacity 45 000 L
Fresh Water Tank Capacity 12 000 L, 2 water makers producing 12 000L/day
Waste Treatment Hamann mini compact system
Internet Vsat + Wifi



Laima’s interior, warmly inviting with an understated contemporary Asian influence, has been specifically designed to accommodate 14 guests in absolute comfort. Each of the 7 spacious and elegant cabins, furnished around a central theme of relaxed luxury with an undertone of Indonesian tradition, has a luxurious en-suite bathroom, comfortable seating, and ample storage for guests’ personal belongings.

Lighting is subtly integrated into the design and plays an important role in the ambience while potholes provide natural light and an enticing view of the exotic world outside.

Internet service is available in every cabin as well as HD TV, IPod docking stations, and an extensive movie library for those guests who seek time-out to luxuriate in their own private domain.

Lamima’s saloon, a haven of tranquillity and comfort, is situated midship on the main deck. This spacious indoor area is furnished with a bar and lounge as well as a dining alcove designed to comfortably seat fourteen.

Forward of the saloon, shaded by a fabric bimini, a large area is furnished for al fresco dining and lounging. This open deck area is custom-made for leisure and meal times. Whether under sail or at anchor under the stars, it serves as the centre for communal life aboard Lamima, the place to share the day’s doings and make plans for the next adventure ashore.

The stern section of this same deck has been designated as Lamima’s ‘relaxation quarter’. Here, in total privacy, the expert hands of our qualified pijit masseuses will soothe your body after a day spent enjoying water sports or on-board activities. Just as massage appointments are available at all hours during the day, so too are guests able to enjoy different spa treatments.

And, should solitude be sought or the need arise for a private tête-à-tête, a small zone of comfort and intimacy has been designed for this purpose far forward on the main deck at the base of the bowsprit.

The upper deck extending forward of the pilot-house is furnished with  Indonesian sun mattresses and dedicated to inactivity. Here guests will delight in the sheer pleasure of doing nothing other than turn the pages of a book, sleep, chat, or contemplate the joys of living the dream.



No other luxury yacht in South East Asian waters has LAMIMA’s range and capacity and she alone has an international classification RINA (Registro Italiano Navale), which conforms to international safety regulations.

RINA is one of 13 internationally recognised classification societies that issue vessels with a Certificate of Class. This certificate guarantees that the vessel is constructed to the highest standards of safety, stability, fire protection and pollution prevention. A certified surveyor inspects and approves all stages of construction and a yearly survey ensures that the vessel continues to meet high RINA standards. This certificate guarantees that the vessel is constructed to the highest standards of safety, stability, fire protection and pollution prevention. A certified surveyor inspects and approves all stages of construction and a yearly survey ensures that the vessel continues to meet high RINA standards.


Our  Indonesian gourmet chefs take great pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients from high-quality Indonesian suppliers, local markets and fishermen.

Recruited from reputable Indonesian hospitality and marine institutions, our crew enjoy the highest level of working conditions and this is evident in their commitment to your pleasure. The ambience they create through their typical Indonesian warmth and attentive service ensures that each guest’s stay onboard Lamima is a superb experience. Not only will they create meals to delight your palate, their service will extend to sharing with you their experience of local culture and lore.


Make your way aft to the massage centre,  and allow one of our two experienced Balinese masseuses to ease any tensions away. They specialize in Balinese massage, Shiatsu massage, Sport massage, Foot massage and Avianga massage or enjoy a full beauty treatment. Whatever you choose to do, you will come away relaxed, rejuvenated, and satisfied that everything is exactly as you had hoped, on the voyage you have always dreamed of taking.


Explore unspoilt paradise in authentic luxury and pamper your body and soul

Secluded bays and lagoons are tucked away in the archipelagos. Some are too shallow to allow a deep-keeled vessel to enter and so have never been visited by foreigners, but Lamima’s  jet-propelled tender enable her passengers to explore and photograph these hidden jewels.

The tenders also enable guests to explore ashore – in fact, there is no limit to the excursions, watersports and activities you will be able to enjoy while cruising these pristine waters with Lamima.

And, when the allure of the daytime activities wanes, come back on board to revitalize, refuel, enjoy a massage or surrender to a spa treatment before getting ready for the romance of an evening afloat under a starry tropical sky.


Experience the exhilarating speed of a wakeboard towed behind one of Lamima’s jet-propelled tenders or the thrill of a jet-ski skimming over the sapphire surface of a lagoon.

However, if you are more of a meditative traveller, you may be happier to revitalize your spirit gliding through the sunset on a stand-up paddle-board or drifting slowly along in one of our jukungs (Indonesian canoes). Whether you choose to snorkel a lagoon’s underwater delights, speed away over its surface or paddle around its edges, you can be sure that every item of watersport equipment aboard Lamima meets the most stringent safety regulations.


    2 x Yamaha Jet Skis
    5 x Stand-up-paddle boards
    2 x Jukungs (Indonesian canoes)
    1 x Jet propelled tenders (10.2m) & 1 x  Outboard, 40Hp (5m)
    Diving and snorkelling gear for 14 guests (Padi instructor, Bauer Nitrox compressor, Certification)


Having access to Lamima’s state-of-the-art water-sport equipment also makes shore excursions possible. Take time out to beachcomb isolated shorelines, enter unexplored caves or observe native fauna and flora at your leisure.

If you don’t want to go alone into the unknown, join a group excursion – our experienced local cruise guide  will lead you to view the wildlife and flora, sharing his knowledge and insight into the delicate balance of coexistence between humans and nature.

Guests who travel with us to Komodo and Flores will also have the opportunity to view the world’s largest specie of carnivorous lizard, the Komodo dragon, in its native habitat and local.


No luxury cruise is worthy of the name unless it affords ample opportunity for relaxation. Lamima’s ensuite cabins are so well equipped for your every comfort that you may be tempted to take up residence there but, if you want to enjoy the tropical breezes, you could venture outside where luxurious private day beds, shaded by a fabric bimini, invite you to enjoy the ambiance and the passing scenery.

Venturing a deck higher, you’ll find the area forward of the pilot-house is also dedicated to inactivity. Let time stand still while you sunbathe, or simply lounge here with book from Lamima’s library.

But if you seek solitude or the need arises for a private tête-à-tête, a small zone of comfort and intimacy has been designed far forward on the main deck at the base of the bowsprit.

Whether under sail or at anchor beneath the stars, Lamima’s guests will delight in the sheer pleasure of doing nothing other than turn the pages of a book, sleep, chat, or contemplate the joys of living the dream.

Observe Local Flora and Fauna

When you pack your bags do not forget your camera! Binoculars would also be an asset because Indonesia has the fifth highest number of bird species in the world. The area’s 1500 species of birds represent 17% of the global tally (of which 7% are threatened). The country also has the most endemic species – the small island of Sumba alone having ten.

There are peacocks, pheasants, partridges, turkey-sized pigeons, jungle fowl which incubate their eggs in volcanic streams and the amazing and beautiful bird of paradise, making the archipelago a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The area’s unique ecosystem also sustains an unbelievable variety of wildlife and exotic plants. Our cruise-guide, Arifin Pagaka, who has lead numerous expeditions for National Geographic, will ensure eventful tours sharing his local knowledge with our guests

Dive snorkel the best reefs in the world

Maritime Southeast Asia is renowned for its spectacular marine biodiversity, a natural phenomenon which, as one of the area’s major attractions, lures the best and most experienced divers in the world to its shores.

Lamima is an ideal vessel from which to explore these locations and her Padi-diving centre caters for all levels of divers, from the most advanced to beginners (including the possibility of completing Padi certification) with our two Padi instructors Finbar and Christanto. A nitrox compressor is available  and additional dive guides/master will be arranged to accommodate specific needs. Depending on preference, these could include scenic dives, exploration dives, night dives, drift diving or wreck diving.

In this region diving and snorkelling conditions are good all year round with visibility ranges between 15-30 metres. The climate has diffuse seasons, none particularly dry or rainy, with high humidity and the occasional tropical shower the norm. Water temperature is a constant 28 or 29 degrees celcius; In short, perfect!

Whether the reward of a truly challenging dive is what you seek, or whether you are content to drift idly through exquisite underwater vistas, you can be quite certain that Lamima’s team will provide your best diving experience ever. And, when the day is done, there’s no long drive home – you will simply relax out on deck under the stars, regaling your friends with the day’s adventure. Luxury diving, we call it, and there is nothing quite like it!!


This island has some of the most beautiful coral gardens and walls in Raja Ampat. White limestone cliffs fall steeply into the sea, turquoise lagoons flow around monumental towers and pinnacles, and untrodden beaches border private bays... these islands are the epitome of paradise.


This is an absolutely unique dive site. The narrow canyon between Gam and Waigeo islands can best be described as a river flowing between two islands, forming a haven for singular and rare microhabitats while high above the sheer limestone cliffs rise to meet the sky. The nearby labyrinth of Hidden Bay, a maze of towering islets, and Kabui Bay where hundreds of mushroom islands create a surreal vista, ensure that divers and photographers, however experienced, are always amazed.


Close to Wai Island, a World War II P47D fighter plane lies crashed, sunken at approximately 30 m depth. In excellent condition, it lies covered in coral growth and marine life and holds special appeal for all wreck-lovers.



INDONESIA’S eastern islands, known collectively as Nusa Tenggara, stretch from the western island of Lombok to Timor in the east. Here the region is markedly different from the rest of the country – the climate is drier and more evocative of Australia than of tropical Bali. Komodo, hilly and desolate, is sandwiched between Flores and Sumbawa islands and has only one village, Kampung Komodo, a Bugis fishing settlement on its eastern shore.

Dolphins are a common sight in the seas between Komodo and Flores and the area is also on a Whale migration route. The reefs offer good snorkelling and some of the best diving in Indonesia, especially with Manta Rays. Buffalo, Deer, Wild Pigs and Birdlife are all plentiful on land but the most remarkable attraction is its endangered monitor lizards, Varanus Komodoensis.

The Komodo Island monitors, known also as ‘Komodo Dragons’ or ‘ora’ are the largest living lizards on Earth and found only on Komodo, Rinca, and Western Flores islands. An average adult can measure up to 3 meters long and weigh 136 kilograms but despite its size can move quickly on the ground and is an agile swimmer and climber. These lizards have a dark gray, stocky body and stout, powerful legs with sharply clawed feet. Their heads are large and their long, forked tongues are used to sense the air following the scent of prey which consists of wild pigs, deer, water buffalo, goats, birds, and other monitors.



Discover the wild Asmat region in Flamingo Bay and cruise up the Atjs River. Visit Warsi and Numbrep Villages to experience the Asmat culture.

Main attractions: Long boats, Tribes, Wooden Art and Bird Life.

Cross overnight to the pristine area of Triton Bay where you will dive in Paradise and find the most secluded white sand beaches of West Papua.

Main attractions: Scenery, Cliff Painting, Land Excursions, Diving, Snorkelling, Whale sharks.

Starting : Timika (direct flight from Bali)

Ending : Kaimana . 

*Recommended months: September to November

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