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Tanjung Puting


Tour Code : SHARED-OT3

Orangutan Tour (3D2N)


Day 1


Arrive at Pangkalan Bun, on the island of Borneo, better known by the Indonesians as Kalimantan. Upon arrival at the airport your guide will be waiting for you, transfer to the port of Kumai about 15-20 minutes by car where we will embark on a great adventure! We arrive to our traditional wooden boat called klotok. Our guide will reconfirm with the crew that everything is ready and start the cruise up the river in the famous Sekonyer River aboard a Klotok.

The boat will leave at 12.00 at the latest, (or earlier if you are all already on the ship before that time). Those who arrive early can rest in the klotok waiting, or take a walk nearby. Once we leave, we will have 2 and a half hours of sailing to reach the rehabilitation center of Tanjung Harapan where at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the rangers of the national park feed the Orangutans and you can have the first close encounters with them. The translation of Tanjung Harapan is Cape of Hope. This first camp is around wetlands and in the afternoon, there are more mosquitoes so make sure you put on enough mosquitoes repellent.

After visiting this camp, you will continue upstream, while rest on the Boat. Take a look on the riversides of Sekonyer for animals. This afternoon it is very frequent to see groups of proboscis monkeys and other monkeys in the treetops, jumping from one branch to another, or even see monitors or crocodiles lizards in the shallow waters of the sides of the river. Prepared for sunset, the boat moored on one side of the river to spend the night.

Meals                  : Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation : Klotok Boat



Day 2


After an extraordinary breakfast, we will go in time to see the Camp Tanggui at the time of feeding (9 AM). Sooner or later you will see how the branches of the treetops begin to move and then you will see the silhouettes of the Orangutans arriving to the feeding platform. Tanggui was a release camp for young Orangutans that were rehabilitated, and they continue to add food every day, to prevent the Orangutans from leaving because of lack of food, and they end up outside the National Park, with the following risk of falling into traps of settlers or fields of palm oil plantations.

After the Orangutans begin to leave, you will return to the klotok again to go further up the river. You will see how the coloration of the river changes and you will have the opportunity to see crocodiles and large lizards, together with Gibbon’s and proboscis Monkeys.

Arrival at Camp Leakey, the old orangutan research and rehabilitation center since 1971, when a student at UCLA Los Angeles University, Birutte Galdikas began studying the Orangutans there. The name Camp Leaky comes from Birutte's own teacher, the Paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey. At least 200 orangutans had already been cured and returned to the jungles thanks to this center. However since 1995, the Government of Indonesia has banned the introduction of more Orangutans in this camp, so Orangutans are increasingly adapting more to freedom. To this day, this camp is used as an investigation into the behavior and feeding of Orangutans. You will take advantage of your guide to explore the interiors of the jungle a bit to look for orangutans in freedom and other animals. At 14.00 you can see the feeding time of the Orangutans. You can also visit the small museum made by the scientist Dr. Birute Galdikas.

In the afternoon, if it does not rain, the boat will be docked near a firefly congregation and you can enjoy the show of its luminescence.

Meals                   : Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation  : Klotok Boat


Day 3


In the early morning we will enjoy the last moments of the sounds of the jungle before heading to the port to, in turn, be transferred to the airport.

Meals                  : Breakfast

Accommodation : -


Schedule 2019






*3 - 5

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30 - 2 Jun

28 - 30







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*) Sunday / National Holiday

Sunday or national holiday surcharge: 100,000 Rupiah / person / day 

*Payable on arrival

*Surcharge is paid only for the number of days that falls on Sunday and/or national holiday.

*Public holidays in Indonesia can be found on the last page

Conditions for babies and children:

0-22 Months: Free

23 Months up to 5 years: 50% of the price of an adult*

6 - 10 years: 75% of the price of an adult*

*Price of the adult is based on the total of people.



1. 2-Night accommodation based on shared klotok (traditional wooden boat to raise rivers with Bathroom).

2. Transfers airport - klotok - airport

3. Transfers on land and river

4. English speaking guide

5. 2-Day permission of the police, rangers and the national park

6. Camera or video camera fees

7. Water, tea, coffee, cookies, tropical fruits

8. Captain, captain assistant and cook

9. All meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner served on the boat.

10. For each client of ours, donate 10 EUR to various projects within the Tanjung Putting National Park!

11. A unique experience!


1. Domestic flights > we can reserve the tickets, ask us for more details.

2. Travel Insurance (Highly Recommended)

3. Alcohol, soft drinks, personal expenses.

4. Sunday or national holiday surcharge.

5. Extra expenses occurred due to causes beyond our control (force majeure) such as cancellations of flights, natural disasters, diseases, etc.

6. Boat/speedboat to reach the klotok if your flight arrives later than 11.30 AM. The klotok leaves the port at 12.00 to reach the feeding camp in time.

What to bring:

• Sports shoes (you do not need special trekking shoes, because the walks are very soft)

• Sandals (Velcro recommended)

• Synthetic socks

• Long pants (quick drying material)

• Raincoat

• Sweatshirt

• Lightweight t-shirts (quick drying material).

• Long-sleeved shirt (quick drying material).

• Towel.

• Mosquito repellent (good one, nothing perfumed)

• Your own medicines and personal hygiene items.

• Malaria prophylaxis (recommended)

Sleeping in the klotok means having a greater opportunity of encounters with wildlife, such as sightings of crocodiles (You cannot jump into the water!!!). Also see the birds, several species of apes and the sound of the jungle at sunset from the two sides of the river. See animals approach the river to drink water with a constant vigil to not end up in the jaws of some lucky crocodile, a family of orangutans, and dawn. Our crew will wake you up early so you do not miss the concert of the dawn in the Borneo Jungles.

Did you know that in Kalimantan orangutans live much of the time on the ground, and only climb the trees to eat and/or rest? And yet on the neighboring island of Sumatra, they rarely go down to the ground? This is because in the forests of Sumatra (although unfortunately less and less) there are tigers, and yet in Borneo the orangutans have no natural predators so they can be peacefully "walking" through the forest. The ship is spacious, and there are several sizes depending on how many you are. It is completely covered with a roof and all customers sleep in the upper part, while the crew sleeps in the lower part.

The boat has mattresses, sheets and pillows, but it is recommended that you bring your own sleeping bag. The ship also has an anti mosquito net, a plastic tarp that goes down in case of rain and one or two small baths, that although the toilet seats are western style, it is still manual to flush using a water dipper.

If you stay in a hotel in Pangkalan Bun prior to trip, we need to know the hotel details at the latest the day before at 14.00 (local time), so we are able to perfectly organize the transfers.

To be able to enjoy the first feeding platform the klotok the boat should leave the port at 12.00 PM at the latest.

Recommended arrival flights:

Surabaya - Pangkalan Bun

Trigana    IL712    SUB-PKN    06.10-07.10


Semarang - Pangkalan Bun

Nam Air    IN292    SRG-PKN    06.20 - 07.30

Nam Air    IN196    SRG-PKN    10.00 - 11.00


Jakarta - Pangkalan Bun

Nam Air    IN190     CGK-PKN     06.40 - 08.00   

Trigana      IL708     CGK-PKN     09.25 - 10.50



Recommended return flights:


Nam Air    IN193    PKN-SUB    11.30 - 12.45



Nam Air          IN195           PKN-SRG     08.30 - 09.30

Trigana           IL701           PKN-SRG     11.30 - 12.35

Wings Air        IW1807        PKN-SRG     11.05 - 12.40

Garuda           GA7526        PKN-SRG     10.55 - 12.15 (Mierc, Viernes y Domingos )



Trigana    IL709     PKN-CGK     07.35 - 08.45



It's a shared trip, but despite being in a group of strangers, you're all on that ship for a common reason; love towards orangutans and other wildlife! It will undoubtedly be a unique experience.

Why book with us, your trip to Borneo:

1. Because it will be the best of the best experiences of your trip in Indonesia, and you will want to make sure that you do it with a serious company and that it will take care that everything goes well. We are a legal company with a great team of professionals behind every detail of your trip, we are recognized for possibly being the company that is taking care of the environment in Borneo Tours and we will give you services before, during and after the trip.

With a stable office, telephones and all the details you need to be calm and trusting.

2. Our trips are guaranteed success, you just have to look through the web and you will see that all are recommendations and that is because we take care of to control that everything goes perfectly within what we can do. (If the orangutans turn their backs on you and you cannot get a good picture of them, we can do very little).

3. Our guides are official Guides and registered in the Guides Association.

In addition to their own courses, we take care directly every year to give them a personal course in the ways of guides and treatment to the public.

4. Our guides know perfectly the flora and fauna of Tanjung Puting, and are so accustomed to working with Spanish speaking people, so they know the name of almost everything in Spanish.

5. Our Klotoks are handpicked; they all have bathrooms and a generator to charge the batteries.

6. Extra meals: We do not skimp on food. You will see that it will be the best meals you will try in Indonesia


We are Nature Lovers and we want to offer the best of the Tanjung Puting National Park. For this we do not act simply as a company and do only business, we put our support to the environment.

8. Last but not least: Our prices are the most competitive, and that is why we prefer to have more people who go through our Klotok and thus help more to the environment!

Thank you very much for enjoying Borneo from our hands.

Price is subject to changes. Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more informations.
Tour Code : SHARED-OT3 - Shared Orangutan Tour 3D2N

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