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About us

We are a local travel agency located in Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia. Starting in 2007,our service was mainly in organizing adventure and cultural trip for our guests who are mostly coming from Europe.

The pillars of the team conduct of real travelers who have been traveling around Indonesia and know many places of interests and culture by first experience. We have the luxury to know the places, the cultures and especially the people from different part of Indonesia, and of course, we get to know good contacts everywhere around, especially the eastern part.

Our philosophy is that having happy guest, will bring more guests… that is why with secure every single details in the trip that we organized to make sure, that our name will be always in the good memories of our guest. Thank you for visiting our website
We hope to see you in Indonesia!!

Norberto Rodriguez Sanchez

(Canary Islands, Spain)
Moved to Indonesia in 2006. He came to pursue his marine adventure and got a chance to work as a cruise director in alive aboard and started a new episode in his life. Having traveled to most eastern part of Indonesia by the sea, he could not stop praising the beauty of not only the underwater world but also the variety of cultures of Indonesia which rarely been touched by civilization and mass tourism.

The chance to sail Indonesia for years takes him to places with no airport and no road, places that can only be reached by boat. Norberto’s fluency in Bahasa Indonesia makes him easily merge into the culture and way of living of the Indonesian, as well as understanding better this giants mix culture country.

His background as the cruise director also brought him to understand many details that most of the time forgotten. Norberto lso spend months and months traveling around Indonesia to get in touch personally with the people and the places we are promoting all around Indonesia. This makes him know what’s best and most recommend to our guests and well as enriched him with many more information that a person behind the desk cannot or does not bother to tell you.

Melysa Charlex,

(Kendari, Indonesia)
Norberto other half, have traveled to most part of Indonesia since she was very young. Her passion of traveling and knowing new places, cultures and peoples help her to understand more of the art of traveling. Just as her other half, Melysa also spent months and months to travel around Indonesia, meeting the best people,photographing the best amazing landscape, knowing the best routes to Being a traveler herself, when it comes to the adventure and culture, she will share you the secret to keep your feet moving even when your heart rate could not keep up.

With experiences she has injoining international conferences, organizing events and trips for people from around the globe, when it comes to travel plan and you need someone to talk to, she will become as a friendly travel advisor. She will give you options, reference,recommendation, and if needed, her personal opinion is also available in order to get a clear image of what the guests are going to deal with.


Agus born in the big city of Denpasar, Bali  and never left here. Even though Bali is his home, this place keeps amazing him by its beauty and makes him proud to be an Balinese guy. Since he started working in tourism in 2007, He has had lots of opportunities to travel all around the wonderful archipelago of Indonesia.

Except of course for all the traveling he does, even though his fear of airplanes he has seen a lot of Indonesia. His will to travel this beautiful country is bigger than his fear. Agus his desk is a little island in the office, from here he can watch us all and where he welcomes the guests that visit the office for questions and advice.

Besides work Agus is always in for a joke and often you should not trust the first answer he gives you. Other than that he has been a big  Chelsea  FC and football fan, you can literally wake him up in the middle of the night to watch the match. Even then he will be at work on time and put his heart into the business.


Charles originally comes from North Celebes (Manado), he was however born and raised on Bali, but is an expert on both regions. Since 2013 he has been working for Come2Indonesia and is in charge of our webmaster: updating text, price, upload image, create new content on and IT department to fix troubleshoot network or computer. Charles is always busy updating our current website and making new website and creative designs and He will make sure everything is up and running at Come2Indonesia all the time.

At the office Charles will always be your man when you need help, if you have a question he will be next to your desk in 2 seconds. Always willing to help and assist when needed. After his work day he will go to the gym, he can be found here 6 days per week training to stay healthy and in a good shape! 

Besides this his hobbies are playing futsal, learning and sharing his IT knowledge with friends and he is also a talented actor. Check out yourself! ’Angker the Movie’ – 20 November 2014!!

Just call him Duwi,
He is one of come2indonesia member. He comes from Jogjakarta, exactly he is a real Javanese. Since 2013 he has been working for Come2Indonesia.
He's incharge of agents' bookings and our infamous Orang Utan trip.

He loves traveling so much. He likes to try new things from time to time ,therefore he loves traveling. As much as he can, as far as he can, as long as he can.

"Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Meet a new people, in the place that i've never know before. That’s why I will always love traveling more than I love my own bed to sleep every weekend. Through the traveling would you feel that comfort zone can be expanded as desired".

Besides that, he always take a cans from his friends after they had finished drinking
He made a pencil case from it, starting from drawing and coloring.
don't be surprised with his table, everything made from thrift.

This is Pandu; Pandu does the accounting for Come2Indonesia. He is graduated in Faculty of social and political Science (STISIP Tabanan) with a focus on his major ‘Government administration’. During the day he will be busy looking and working with the thousands of numbers flying by his head. He keeps a low-profile and is simple, but he is always cheerful or in for a chat.

Pandu is also a talented guitar player, during his free hours he is practicing, either alone or with his friends. He is playing in a death metal band and they often rent a studio to practice or will perform somewhere in Bali.

What Pandu says about Come2Indonesia himself? “I like the atmosphere to work here, because everyone in the team is very kind and welcome to me. Professionalism, cooperation and good teamwork is number one here. I like that!”


This is Purnomo, in the office better known as Po. He is born on Java, in the eastern region called Banyuwangi. In the office he is in charge of the ticketing department. His daily tasks consist of handling the bookings, starting the reservation, confirmation of the rates and most importantly the flight confirmation for all the guests of Come2Indonesia.

In the office Po is the one to joke around a lot. We still have to witness the first day where he won’t be active and not make jokes. But as soon as the alarm bells are ringing his professionalism will jump in and do everything to fix the problem!

Besides his job he is often found with a ball in his feet or riding around on his motorcycle.


Ngurah Andreana is the youngest male workers in come2indonesia, he was born on 03 Mey 1995 in Bali and he come from bali, exactly he is balinese. since 2014 he has been worked for come2indonesia as a design grafis. he makes posters for post in facebook come2indonesia , creative design, and file of pdf on come2indonesia.

at office he always busy to work and manage his job to be creative man for come2indonesia.

he is a friendly person, his hobbies are travelling, adventure , playing futsal, photograph and also make a film or video. before he works at come2indonesia , he was a photographer and he also had to get the champion's documentaries when he was in vocational high school.


Her name is Efiphanie Manurung but in the office she is known as Fany. She is born in North-Sumatra and she real Bataknese but she decided to come to Bali in 2015 because it was her dream island. She still really likes Bali as she started working with us at Come2Indonesia also in 2015. Because she got here recently she still has a lot to explore of the Island.

In the office she is an operational associate. She takes care for example the bookings of the hotels and the conformations of the trips. Fany is always cheered up and she is always in for a joke. Every time you will give a compliment does not matter to who she says thank you.

Besides working at Come2Indonesia this is an adventurous woman. She really likes to travel, having an adventure while making a difficult hike or climb and other than that she likes to fish and cooking a nice meal for her family.


Born and raised in Ambon, Malaku, Rendy became a part of our team in May, 2015. He came to Bali in 2010. He came here for his study which was tourism and once here he never left. Because he is already in Bali for a while he already explored the island a little bit but there are still some things he left unexplored.

His nickname in the office is Google Translate because his English is so good and he can switch very fast between Bahasa Indonesia and English so sometimes he literally is Rendy Translate. Other than translating he is also very helpful with answering guest enquiries, mostly from independent travelers.

After work, during work, during brakes you will walk into Rendy while he is playing games on his phone. As fanatic he is with his games he is with his work of course. But when he is done working and it is weekend he will play games until its dawn.


This woman is born and raised on the very same island which she likes the most: Bali. Although there are many islands in Indonesia this will always be here home because she thinks it is her dream island. For a team that is together for quite a while she is the newest member when she joined us in 2015.

She will make sure that all your bookings and conformations will be handled smoothly so you will have no worries when you go on your trip. She will always try to help if she can and she is often the one who would get lunch for everyone in the office.

Although she is always awake in the office she likes to sleep next to all the work hours. And she wouldn’t be we working at a traveling agency if she didn’t like to travel of course. But what she likes most of all is just have a good time with her friends. She always tries to hang out with her friends during the weekends.

(Chihuahua, Mexico-Indonesia)

Nuestro pequeño y moreno agente secreto de seguridad. A pesar de de es una mezcla entre Mini Pincher y Chihuahua con las orejas tan grandes como las alas de un murcialago, De mayor quiere ser Doberman. A Miller, le encanta todo tipo de comida, excepto la suya propia. Si usted viene a nuestra oficina, él será el primero que le da la bienvenida al saltar sobre ti moviendo su cola. Es amigo de todo el equipo de come2indonesia. Sus hobits son ir a la playa o tumbarse sin hacer nada en su almohada, también le encanta sentarse en frente de ti con cara de pena y verte mientras comes, a ver si consigue que le des algo. Ah! y uno de sus pasiones es destruir sus peluches!!!

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