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Tanjung Puting

Coral Reefs

Nabucco's Nunukan Island Resort is bigger and located on the south end of the Maratua Atoll, East Kalimantan-Indonesia.

Nabcco Island Resort is located in the lovely turquoise lagoon from the Maratua Atoll, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

We want to offer you and ourselves some great diving holiday on the “FELICIA” to Komodo, Raja Ampat, Bali, Alor, and Ambon....

Come sailing on a beautiful traditional schooner that takes you on a truly adventurous cruise into the remote eastern part of...

Komodo Resort offers unlimited world-class reef diving and high end services to passionate divers and their families.

"Lalunia" is a typical Indonesian wooden boat, serving as the hotel as well as the diving base. Lalunia is 26 meters long. On the...

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is located at the heart of the most spectacular diving in northern Raja Ampat. Mere minutes from the famous...

Grand Komodo began in 1987 as an adventure tour operator. We took travelers off the beaten track throughout Indonesia, but...

MV Nusa Tara is a wood 20.40 meters length boat, which can welcome 6 guests thanks to its 3 air-conditioned and...

MV Tarata will convey you all year long trough the Komodo National Park, and allow you to dive on beautiful reef, full of life...

MV Putri Papua operates all year long in Raja Amapat, and allows you to dive on some of the most beautiful reefs, full of life and...

Temukira is a modernized traditional indonesian wooden Bugis schooner liveaboard with has designed to comfortably....

MV Raja Ampat Explorer is a traditional Indonesian Bugis style wooden boat, The 33.5 meter of length with 3 decks and an all...

Standing under the eye of the Agung volcano, has one of the best diving in Bali where we can highlight the contrast of what we will...

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