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Tanjung Puting

Rain Forest

Various types of graves are located in Cliffside caves, mountain ledges or in special houses reserved for the dead. There...
Close to the nature and jungle to see Rafflesia Flower (Bengkulu), but It is only possible when the flower blooming. And also...
Unforgettable journey, began to ride an elephant in Bukitlawang, overnight at jungle, tour bike, bicycle trip and back to Padang.
This trip is really called "Back To Nature". Starting from wildlife conservation to the beauty of the hill, Bukittinggi.....
Explore Sumatra overland; special full day bicycle trip at Bukittinggi, visiting villages, rice field, etc give a different impression.
Trekking in Gunung Leuser Park and overnight in the jungle to feel the freshness of the air, and enjoy the view of volcanic lake...
Visit the forest, overnight there, met with an orangutan and ride the elephant and enjoy the flora and fauna.
Explore Sumatra Orangutan, close to the nature, riding elephant and ends at the natural beauty volcanic, Lake Toba, national...
Rich of Flora and Fauna, beautiful scenery, wild jungle, elephant, waterfall, valley, beach and many more... Only in Sumatra!
Leuser National Park has a rich biodiversity, including 8 species of primates: orangutan, siamang, rhinos, elephants...
As one of the oldest national park in Indonesia, covering more than 800,000 hectares of land with woods different ecosystems...
We devote special trip, we will explore unknown places, walk through incredible mountain scenery, attractive place...

Discover a Bali tourist less, a tour on the center and north of the island of Bali, nature and scenic beauty are there ready to be explored.

See the best and biggest temple in Bali island, where many people called it the Mother Temple of every temple in Bali.

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