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Tanjung Puting


We devote special trip, we will explore unknown places, walk through incredible mountain scenery, attractive place...

Discover a Bali tourist less, a tour on the center and north of the island of Bali, nature and scenic beauty are there ready to be explored.

See the best and biggest temple in Bali island, where many people called it the Mother Temple of every temple in Bali.

Visit Monkey Forest; the Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud and surrounding, Bali...

Traveling through the highest land on Kintamani hill, where you can explore many of traditional culture of the Balinesse people from...

Exploring the Klungkung area where you can see the amazing cave full of bat cave in it. And also the black san of the beach around....

Uluwatu Temple, the famous Balinese Hindu Temple in south part of Bali with breathtaking view of sunset and Indian Ocean.

Join our fantastics route around Bali, and you will see many sight seeing such as the temple, the landscape, the beach, the dive sites....

A trip to Indonesia to discover nature and wildlife of the Orangutans in Pangkalan Bun, Borneo, walk and play...

Crossing Lake Toba living among the Batak hunters, Temples and wonder in Java, with a visit to the culture of Toraja that have many...

Expedition for the primary forests of Sumatra, temples and wonders of Java, Komodo Dragons, coral reefs and Bali...

The must see for every tourist, explore Yogyakarta, followed by the cultural Bali and Komodo. To end in Bali's touristic heart, Seminyak!

Sumatra, the region known for its magnificent cultures Aceh Muslims and proud "head hunters" (Batak) still retain their old customs...

Travel through the beginnings of culture Indonesian, in the city of Yogyakarta, get lost in Malioboro markets...

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